Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom DeLay

I have no been following the DeLay scandal and I have no real desire to at this point. Based on the tidbits I've read the thing seemed to start out as a partisan witch hunt, but if it resulted in finding illegal activity then I have no problem throwing the guy in jail.

I do, however, think it is too early to find him guilty, since as far as I know, there is still a little thing called a trial.

Politically speaking, I'm glad it happened now so that it does as little damage as possible. The earlier the better, as it lessens the effects it could potentially have on 06 elections, and basically makes it a dead issue in 08.

I am too young to really remember the leftist equivalent in 94 (i believe) Dan Rostenkowski (?) which ended up killing the dems in that election, but if this had happened a few months later I could definitely see the same results.

I await the fallout with baited breath.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Barak Obama's Black Problem

Last December, barely a month after his election as US Senator, the east coast press devoted reams of paper to the potential First Black President. He was hailed throughout the minority community as a sure thing, a rising star, a can't miss African American. Liberals dream about a candidate like Mr. Obama, eloquent, from average roots, minority, and liberal as Teddy Kennedy. To top it all off, he is from the midwest, young and handsome. There is only one problem;

Barak Obama is colored.

If you read that paragraph in the Washington Monthly you would be rightly stunned. I daresay Jesse Jackson would be shaking the place down with his Rainbow Coalition and Farrakahn would be threatening a black uprising if the Monthly didn't apologize.

Why then is the following paragraph, from Amy Sullivan, acceptible?

Last December, barely a month after Bush's reelection, George Will devoted a column to Romney's potential, and a quick succession of profiles in the Weekly Standard, National Review, and The Atlantic Monthly appeared in the spring. Who could blame them? Romney has had a successful business career (he is known to most Americans as the man who saved the Salt Lake City Olympics). He comes from noble moderate Republican lineage (his father was governor of Michigan). He is attractive (the National Review sighed over his "chiseled handsomeness"). And he grabbed national headlines—and the attention of social conservatives—by standing up to the Massachusetts Supreme Court's legalization of gay marriage. Just as Democrats are always looking for a liberal nominee from a red state, Republicans dream about a candidate like Romney: a social conservative from the most cerulean of blue states who can please the base while not scaring off moderates.

There's only one problem. Romney is a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS).

Sucks to suck...

I was talking to my buddy last night about the 2008 Presidential race. I am what I am and he is a slowly moving to the center lefty. I told him, I have no clue who the heck I will vote for, and if McCain is nominated it just may have to be the Democrat (or Pat Buchanan).

Anyway, I told him I assumed a emocrat would win, it just seems to go that way, and he told me he wasn't so sure but that if a lefty doesn't win, "what with all that's been going on" the democrat party is dead. I couldn't agree more. If the Republicans can somehow win in 2008 imagine the shockwave that would send through staunch socialists like Kennedy and Kucinich! It would literally be the stake through the heart of their idiotic ideology.

Jonah Goldberg has a nice column today about how terrible it is to be a democrat, amidst the low approval ratings of a Republican president, and still have absolutely ZERO power:

Of the myriad civic, legal and political lessons to be drawn from Thursday's assured vote to confirm Judge John Roberts as chief justice of the Supreme Court, the most glaring is how much it just plain stinks to be a Democrat these days.

George W. Bush is at his lowest approval level of his presidency, Iraq will not likely be a political winner for the foreseeable future, congressional Republicans are balking at his agenda and, in response, Bush is throwing money out the window as if he's afraid it might catch fire. Yet his thoroughly rich, white male nominee has passed with barely a scratch.

We'll see how weak they really are in a week or so, when the next conservative white male is nominated to associate justice...