Friday, June 24, 2005

DU Celebrates: "the war is lost."

Democratic Underground - The Dam Breaks! Republicans are using the "lose" word now about Iraq.

The post speaks for itself, we'll see how the nutters respond.

I love language! It never fails to reveal what the zeitgeist of the times is.

Bill O'Reilly blames Air America for the U.S. losing the war in Iraq.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham now utters the "losing" word regarding the war.

And there have been others in the last week.

Folks, the damn has broken. The public has soured.

The war is lost.

Support the troops and bring them home.

Firm and Patient Realism Needed in Iraq (Heritage Foundation

I just wanted to point out this great article from James Phillips of the Heritage Foundation. In it he lays out the reasons why we must not cut and run like Clinton and Feingold want. We must stay the course and show that we are not only strong militarily, but posess an iron national will as well.

Devised according to considerations in Washington rather than the situation on the ground in Iraq, a pullout would send a dangerous signal of weakness and fecklessness to our allies and enemies in Iraq and elsewhere. Iraqi government forces would be demoralized and could begin to hedge their bets by making deals with, or even defecting to, the insurgency. Insurgent groups would be emboldened to redouble their efforts against Americans to strengthen their claim to a military victory and attract more recruits. Many Iraqis who have been sitting on the fence, particularly in Sunni Arab areas, would have little choice but to support the insurgents in order to insure themselves against reprisal.

In addition to laying out an intelligent and reasoned argument for seeing this endeavor through, Mr. Phillips also manages to debunk the Vietnam comparisons so popular among leftists.

Iraq is not Vietnam. The Iraqi insurgents do not have the military strength, popular support, political unity, ideological cohesiveness, great power assistance, charismatic leadership, or alternative political program that the Vietnamese communists possessed. The insurgents are divided by ideology, religious affiliation, and factional rivalries into separate groups, including remnants of Saddam’s Baathist regime, Sunni Islamic radicals, Shiite Islamic radicals, tribal forces, and foreign Islamic radicals, such as Abu Musab Zarqawi’s Al Qaeda faction.

I apologize, Tom Cruise is in fact, an insane troll

I hastily defended Tom Cruise earlier in the week. It turns out, Tom Cruise is a crazy little troll who, frankly, scares the hell out of me.

I finally got a chance to watch Tucker Carlson's new show (a very good show actually, even with that idiot Max Kellerman having a segment) and when the subject of scientology came up, everyong shut up. They seemed genuinely frightened by the prospect of a mob of angry celebrity scientology wackos attacking them. I was a little stunned. Then I read Drudge today and see this incredibly odd excahnge between Cruise and Matt Lauer.

I know i know, I really don't care about celebrities, but this was just too odd.

Absolutely Brilliant Point in Hard Green

So I just started reading Hard Green. I struggled through the intro which waxed poetic about the great Theodore Roosevelt and ol' T.R.'s love of the wilderness and his idea to start conserving areas untouched by the hand of man.
Anyway, pretty dry stuff. Mr. Huber then goes into computer technology and I was lost. I had no clue where he was going with it, then he made it all crystal clear and I laughed out loud.
Standing shoulder to shoulder all the people on Earth would scarcely fill Delaware. All our copper, zinc, tin and deuterium could be culled from one billionth of the Earth's oceans. All our energy requirements for two thousand years could be supplied by one-quadrillionth of the thermal energy produced by radioactive decay in the core of the Earth. Suitably stacked and compressed, all our trash would fit in a pyramid just two miles high in southern Connecticut..
Mr. Huber goes on to list other illustrative figures meant to dillute the arguments from environuts. Then he slams the hammer down.
Where did I get all these numbers? I made them up. I could have dug up real ones from the extant Hard Green literature, and they would have looked much like the ones I invented, but why bother? People aren't going to live shoulder to shoulder in Delaware, or build pyramids in southern Connecticut. Exxon knows how to find gasoline, not deuterium. Annaconda knows how to extract copper cheaply from a mine in Utah, not from the sea, so forget about it. So that is what Forrester [a pioneer in computer modeling the environment] he forgot about it... He based his models on known technology, known mines, known reserves, known quantities of land...
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
Basically what Huber is saying, and what I assume much of his book will focus on (I haven't gotten past this fantastic tenth page) is that current environmental doomsday theories base their outcomes and messages on current technologies, without allowing for advances in not only technology but in efficiencies and alternative uses that may be developed in the future. It is conceivable (to me at least) that someday there may be a contraption that turns automobile emmisions into usable energy that can automatically be sent right back to the cars engine thus creating a constant, automatically renewed source of energy for that engine. I have no idea how that would work, but that is why we have teams of 40 year old virgins with pocket protectors locked to their desks crunching numbers. Thank you engineers.
The point is that we have no clue, literally no clue, what types of innovations the human mind will come up with. Undoubtedly these innovations will stretch oil further, or perhaps invent cars that use zero oil. Personally, as long as I can slap on some dubs and hit my switches, I don't care what my whip is runnin on, just keep me bumpin.


I tried using that Qumma ap but it seems I or the program somehow screwed up. I'm trying to figure it out now.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pissing Everyone Off

The Supreme Court managed an incredible feat today. They pissed off EVERYONE!

, Freepers, and the good folks at BBA.

I agree with alll of them. This is a terrible ruling that opens the door for a myriad of things.

The first thing I thought about, strangely, was City News and NOvelty in Waukesha. It was a porn store, and seemingly a fairly popular one. The city didn't want the strore downtown anymore so it kept hassling it and revoking permits and what not, until the store finally moved to a different location.

Now, if I am looking at this ruling correctly (and thats what it is, a ruling, not a "vote") then governments can simply buy a busniess because they don't like it. The "emminent domain" idea has been expanded greatly. Governments can take a porn store or strip club they don't like, and give that land to a puppy store or ballerina clothing factory.

A country with no stip clubs and porn stores? The Judges are NAZI's!

Obviously I am being a little facesious but you get the idea. This seems far too broad and far too "big gov't" for me. It's odd to see that the country (this will poll at like 80% against) will side overwhelming with Justices Thomas and Scalia.

An Odd Day of Culture
Today, I have experienced a broad spectrum of entertainment experiences that I feel compelled to convey.  I already promised a review of South Park Conservatives, which will follow in this post since I finished that particular book today.  In addition to finishing that book, I took the afternoon off to head out to the Ballpark for a fantastic game (a rare, enjoyable, Jenkinless game!) attempted to watch a Ben Affleck movie, and watched a bit of Senate floor fun.
Let me just say I am going to go from worst to first.
Surviving Christmas is literally one of the most pointless films I have ever attempted to view.  I tried watching it once when it first came out and was totally under whelmed.  However, since I was watching it on my computer (and having nothing else to do this evening after the ballgame) I watched a half hour or so of it on HBO.  Terrible.  At no time during this rambling, obnoxious completely unbelievable movie did I ever feel drawn in.  I'd rather watch the awful Frontline "expose" on Wal-Mart that oddly enough, I am watching right now.
Second. the senate floor was pretty interesting today.  Durbin was called a commie bastard (at least that's what the lefties and media will probably claim tomorrow) Kennedy tried to back Rumsfield into a corner and Rumsfield performed admirably, and Kerry opened his monstrous lower mandible and drawled something about Karl Rove.  I fell asleep just waiting for him to unfold his gangly self into an upright position so I missed the point of his remarks.
Somehow I doubt we'll be seeing a teary eyed namby pamby beg for forgiveness (from now on lets just call it a Durbin) from Mr. Rove. 
I don't have to tell you folks how much I enjoyed the ballgame,  I think my passion or the Brewers has come across in previous posts.  Stuart Scott still sucks.
On to the important point of this post.  I finished South Park Conservatives, an enjoyable book by Brian Anderson.  It wasn't exactly intellectual, it wasn't long, and it didn't really make me any smarter.  However, the book is still worth while.  It goes through the entire media spectrum and points out where conservatives can be found.  It doesn't cheerlead for the right, it merely point out where one can go to find conservative views.  The most uplifting chapter to me as the Campus Conservatism.  Despite much of the recent political blunders Marquette was fairly balanced when I went there.  Obviously the lit department was leftist through and through (I was way ahead of Coulter in trying to rehabilitate the legacy of Sen. McCarthy which didn't go over so well in Freshman Engish) but the Econ department (my home) was fantastic in it's unbiased, and often right-leaning (Prof. Brush in particular is a great anti-tax economist) instructors.  However, it seems that throughout the country conservative movements are growing throughout the nations Universities.  The chapter on "anti-liberalism" is fantastic, funny and informative for those who don't really know what South Park or Matt Stone and Trey Parker are about.  Overall, I enjoyed the book.  I may do a more in-depth review (doubtful) later on, but for now suffice to say that it is a good, quick read.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fans of Dark Humor and Satire

This is unbelievable. Funny and disturbing all at once.

Interesting Observation (Barnes and Noble)

So I am browsing the web looking for new reading material and I head on over to Barnes and noble, something I don't often do. Anyway, I went to the nonfiction section (lately reading fiction seems like a waste of time) and am a little stunned by the "Featured New Releases " page. Did the website somehow decide I was a leftist who would want to read leftist drivel, or is this the same "featured" page for everyone?

Twelve books are featured on the first page. Secrets of the Kingdom, The Plot Against Social Security, Return to Greatness, Promises Betrayed, The Interrogators, and Don't Eat This Book are all to one extent or another leftist screed's with many attempting to denegrate the current administration.

Strange indeed. There is more of the same on the second (and last ) page of books recommended by Barnes and Noble.

A quick jump over to shows that this is no mistake. Barnes and Noble is given a 100% rating by the kooks at

Barnes & Noble currently has a 100% BuyBlue rating due to political contributions for the 2003-2004 election cycle. Barnes & Noble executives contributed heavily and exclusively Democratic in the past election contribution over $78K in total. Barnes & Noble does not have a political action committee.

Hmm, that explains it.

Stossel offers wage gap ammo

I like John Stossel. His book is on my Amazon wish list. With his most recent article over at Town Hall, John discusses something few dare to touch; no not Marth Burke's naked body but the gender wage "gap."

Suppose two people have equal potential, but one takes on more demanding, consuming, lucrative jobs while the other places a higher priority on family. The one who makes work the focus will be more productive for an employer than the one who puts his or her home life first. The latter will get more of the pleasures of family. So he (and it tends to be "he") will make more money, even though she would be equally productive and equally rewarded if she made the same choices.

"Women and men look at their life," said Farrell, "and women say, 'What do I need? Do I need more money, or do I need more time?' And women are intelligent enough to say, I need more time. And so women lead balanced lives. Men should be learning from women."

One irony is that some people, especially young women, may make the choices that lead to the pay gap precisely because they have been taught the job market shortchanges women. Women who see the market as hostile may put their hearts into their homes instead of their careers -- thus making less money.

That cyclical argument is one I have not heard before. It makes sense however. If a woman assumes she is going to make less money why would she demand to be the breadwinner, when she thinks her husband will be compensated better for the same efforts?

But the market isn't hostile. The market is just. It rewards you for the work you do, not for the work you choose not to do. If men want the family time many women have, we must accept lower financial rewards -- and if women want the money, they have to work like money-grubbing men.


Kenneth Tomlinson (a fact the left tries to hide)

I was watching FOX News last night (leftists just tuned out) and learned something I hadn't known before. "Embattled" CPB (PBS's purse) chairman Kenneth Tomlinson, was appointed to the board by none other than the Big Dog himself, Bill Clinton! So the left's new whipping boy was appointed by the do-no-wrong hero of the neosocialists. Fantastic.

I read the story that Drudge links to in the New York Times and they do a nice job of sneaking in this important nugget of info.

"Mr. Tomlinson was first nominated to the board by the past administration and was renominated in 2003," said Erin Healy, a White House spokeswoman.

As Kornheiser might say, that's it, that's the list. That is the extent to which they venerable NY Times goes to reveal the truth. Not even a mention of Clinton, just quoting a White House spokesperson six or seven paragraphs into the story saying he was nominated by "the previous administration."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stay Hot Ned Yost (Not for children)

Please, if crude language and cursing turn you off, don't read on.

This is a picture of folks sitting next to me at the game tonight, don't scroll past the picture if you don't want to read curse words.

UPDATE: I was unaware Mr. Sykes was kind enough to link to me earlier today until after I posted this. So again, fair warning. This is warning number three. The F-word is used numerous times in the following paragraphs. Sometimes, sheer unadultered anger is the only way to express rage at someone who has dissapointed you and crushed your will. That is how I feel about Ned Yost right now. Again, DO NOT READ ON IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY CURSING.

Oh, and thanks Mr. Sykes.

2-0. Man on third, nobody out. The best all around hitter coming to the plate. The guy has been clutch beyond belief. Easy call, you walk Derek Lee. Ned Yost is a fucking moron who deserves to be fired. I am not easily upset like this, at least not to this level. Yost seems to be a good enough motivator and leader of men that he has ducked my ire til this point.

The man cannot manage during a game. He doesn't know when to sac bunt, when to send Brady Clark (NEVER YOU FREAKING IDIOT!!) and when to plunk a guy (more on that later). I have no idea what happens, but their are situations where either he gets caught up in the game or lost in his own thoughts of 1982 or just spaces. I don'w know, but he checks out.

The best (realistic) case scenario for pitching to D. Lee is he hits a fly ball and drives in the run. In a 2-0 ballgame where the team isn't hitting, WHY THE FUCK PITCH TO HIM???

Smarter, more positive potential outcome move: WALK LEE, PITCH TO BURNITZ. Burnitz has been pretty hot, but you let the third or fourth best hitter on the team beat you, YOU DON'T EVER LET THE BEST HITTER IN ALL OF BASEBALL BEAT YOU!! Walk Lee, pitch to Burnitz. Hopefully he K's (likely) or hits into a double play. Either way, the positive expectations are better. If Burnitz strikes out then you can pitch to ARam and hope he grounds into a double play, ending the inning.

That is the smart move.

I don't know if Yost hasn't been paying attention to MLB stats since he seems to have had his nose buried in AAA Indianapolis or what, but he obviously forgot that Derek Lee is hitting nearly .400. Fucker.

Second, maybe even larger, point. WHY WAS RAMIREZ OR LEE NOT HIT? Not even brushed back. If the pitchers on this team don't have the pride to hit a guy after drilling two game changing home runs in two nights, the manager should order it. If the players on this team don't have enough pride to try and take back Miller Park, Ned Yost should order it. Hit Lee in the back. Hit Ramirez in the hip. Hit fucking Dusty Baker in that god damn toothpick chomping kisser. I don't care how you do it, just show me you have some pride and don't like being shown up in YOUR ballpark.

Mainly this goes out to Ricky Bottalico. Yost may not have the balls to hit a guy, but Ricky has been in the league long enough to know that something has to light a fire under these guys, what better than a bench clearing brawl? I'm not asking for head shots (those should be reserved for Gary "i tanked on purpose cause I hate Milwaukee" Sheffield, another guy who Ned Yost was too big a pussy to have drilled) just let them know you're there.

Tonight was my last straw, I'm throwing at Yost's neck.

Ned Yost needs to be replaced.

Again, apologies for the language.

A Fool and His Money (Let Leftists Pay More aka H.O.T. Tax)

Big fan of this idea. As idiots on the left are banging the drums for Republicans to enlist their children since "the love the war" why not put forth the same philosophy to taxes? Lefties want socialist government, pay more for it.

Just look at the money the government would rake in, hell Ben Affleck practically pledged a million and a half by himself!

“Because of Bush’s tax cuts, I saved a million and a half in taxes last year. Does anyone think that’s fair?” Ben Affleck asked at a July 2004 John Kerry fundraiser.

How it would work:

The H.O.T. Tax would ease these statists’ pain. The IRS simply would add a small box to the 1040 tax form beside these words: “If you believe you should be taxed at a rate above that assigned to your income bracket, please indicate here the higher rate you prefer. Kindly calculate your tax liability, and send it in.”

With that easy step, congressional liberals and residents of Malibu and Martha’s Vineyard no longer would have to keep the tax cuts conservatives keep throwing their way. Instead, they could send 50, 75, or even 99 percent of their incomes to Washington, so the GOP, Congress, and President Bush can spend it even better than they can.


Christopher Hitchens (a man I despise for his role in the disgusting "documentary" about Henry Kissinger) writes an interesting (finally) and intelligent piece about the DOWNING STREET MEMO!!!!!!!! which not only shows (God only knows how) the President is a liar and a murderer, but it will also darn your socks and pick up your dry cleaning. Also, if you give it enough playing time I hear it will also win the triple crown.

But the main Downing Street document does not introduce us to any hidden or arcane or occult knowledge. As Fred Kaplan wrote in Slate last week, it explains no mystery. As protagonist Jim Dixon observes in another context in Lucky Jim, it is remarkable for "its niggling mindlessness, its funereal parade of yawn-enforcing facts, the pseudo-light it threw upon non-problems." On a visit to Washington in the prelude to the Iraq war, some senior British officials formed the strong and correct impression that the Bush administration was bent upon an intervention. Their junior note-taker committed the literary and political solecism of saying that intelligence findings and "facts" were being "fixed" around this policy.

Anyway, it's a good article on this latest leftist MacGuffin.

Who Is Thomas Frederick? (what liberal bias?)

And why the hell does his LTTE get printed in bold on the Urinal's web editorial page?

A war on schools

Several years ago, under the leadership of Gov. Tommy Thompson, the Republican Party declared war on public education in Wisconsin. While millions of dollars in voucher payments are going to unregulated private schools in Milwaukee, the public schools in Milwaukee and around the state are constantly being forced to cut their budgets.

The debate going on now in Madison over education funding should come as no surprise. The Republican budget increases for schools do not come close to matching the costs of running the schools. Instead of working at controlling health care costs - a key reason for many of our budget problems - the Republicans are more worried about closing down a few schools in Milwaukee or seeing class sizes increase or allowing athletic programs or other extracurricular programs be cut.

The Republican Party war against our public schools wages on.

Tom Frederick
Chippewa Falls

Funny, I don't see any letters about what a great education voucher kids are getting displayed in bold on the Urinal's web page?

UPDATE: Tom Frederick is, in fact, the head of the Social(ist) Studies Department at Chippewa High School. Seems the Urinal is printing the entire offensive from WEAC. Check out more at Badger Blogger. Seems he is also involved in athletics.

Monday, June 20, 2005

McCain: You other 86 may as well go home

I watched John McCain (D-AZ) on Meet the Press this Sunday. The show is on early and I had a big Saturday, so I thought I was a little hazy and misheard some things. I reread the transcript and was shocked to find out that McCain (D-AZ) really did say this in regards to a Supreme Court nominee:

But, in all due respect, it's not up to 45 Democrats or 55 Republicans. It's up to the 14 that made this agreement.

So basically, those of us who thought we had terrible representation from Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl, we in fact have no representation. Basically, we have just been relegated to zero say in who will be sitting on the Supreme Court. John McCain (D-AZ) has taken that into his own hands as the leader of the Gang of 14.

He does salvage this incredibly arrogant statement later on by agreeing that the "Gang" would indeed confirm (can you believe that, now instead of the senate confirming nominees, we have the John McCain (D-AZ) gang...what a crock) Justice Scalia, or a likeminded individual. I can only guess that in their underhanded negotiations they discussed the current justice and possible nominees to the SCOTUS, and that McCain (D-AZ) knows his gang has his back.

As a side note, when he made the "it's not up to them" comment I thought "wow, you are a condescending asshole." I spoke with thirteen of my friends and we concluded John McCain (D-AZ) is in fact a condescending asshole, therefore he IS, period. If you like him I am sorry, that is no longer an option. Honestly, liking McCain (D-AZ) is an extremist position and therefore, I will not allow you to have it.

Tom Cruise Goes Nuts!!!!

Actually, I think the video shows a very calm and collected reaction to getting squirted in the face. He doesn't really show any anger and just sort of shames the prankster. Imagine if it were Russell Crowe or Al Franken, there would have been a fistfight.

As much as I just want this nut to go away, I do have a newfound respect for the way he handled this situation. He didn't big time the guy and say "do you know who I am, I could have you sacrificed to the Scientology Gods with no repercussions!" He just told him it was a dick move and didn;t even give the guy good fodder for his prank TV show.

Personally, I blame Ashton Kucher, he should be tarred and feathered, and as his flesh is slowly melting from the boiling tar, every rational human being should be able to slap him and the face and shout "You got T&F'ed!!"