Friday, May 13, 2005

Firefox PSA

The Notebook - Funnyfox

I found these Firefox commercials via Lifehacker and it seems they are meant to be passed on. They are surprisingly good quality and as for effect, wel I guess they're pretty imaginitive. As Lifehacker says, it's tough to convey the fantastic web browsing experience through a commercial.

Anyway, check em out and pass em on.

Stay hot West Allis!

JS Online: The Morning Mail

What a great letter today from John Beatty in Stallis:

Clearly, the time has come to rename all sports teams at all levels, amateur and professional, the Progressives. Doing this has the dual purpose of eliminating all quibbling about team names and ensuring that no player's self-esteem is harmed by too many fans rooting for the opposition, since they would all be rooting for everyone. Further, it offends no one with fractious images and insensitive mascots.

Let's just settle this issue once and for all so we can get on to more important things that will determine the future of our civilization, such as the Michael Jackson trial.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Not to say I told you so...

April 26: Call Me Miss Cleo!

Scroll to the end of the post, how brilliant am I? I ask you, how brilliant am I? Plus, they did it without my Sheets disclaimer. Fantastic work Crew!

Finally, if Carlos Lee continues this power surge, and Turnbow can hang onto the closer role, AND Sheets doesn't miss more than one more start the Crew will come home looking like a much better ball club, and come May 13th, when they hit the road again WILL have a record above .500.

The End Is Nigh

The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster

I saw this maybe a week ago and was sort of hoping it would go away. Alas, now that Vodkapundit has linked to it, I'm sure it will go on for months. A freaking Darth Vader blog.

It is time to close the internet to all newcomers, even though his blog is probably far more entertaining than mine, I guaranty his hard core fans are waaaaay bigger dorks.

I don't want to go on a rant here...

mediabistro: TVNewser

But this is pretty lame. I really like the Dennis Miller show, even though he doesn't get the best guests. I usually watch the replay of it later in the evening when I'm going to bed and I think he's entertaining as hell. Now I am down to zero decent late night talk shows (I was a Kilbourn fan). What a shame, I guess I'll just have to watch the third Sportscenter of the day and get ZERO new information.

Speaking of ranting, is there anything more stupid than this new Trifecta crap? Why not give Baseball Tonight the hour it deserves? There is no need for an outside the lines nightly. There are not enough truely compelling stories to fill 5 nights a week. It's crap, and it is pissing me off. If Fox Sports would get their act together and do some quality sports programming, they could steal a lot of viewership. Plenty of real sports people are getting quite sick of the MTV atmosphere that is starting to invade Sportscenter. In the last week I have seen that freaking IDIOT Stu Scott walking on a treadmill and wearing a ballcap and sweatshirt to close the show. ESPN needs more professionals like Dan Patrick. I'll tell you what, the best people on that show these days are Peter Gammons and Tim Kuprisin. More professionalism and less idiocy, the whole country should adopt that mantra.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I just don't get why people hate the French?

French channel portrays Pope as 'Adolf II' -

The French version of the Daily Show decided it would be funny to call the new Pope, Pope AdolfII and disgrace the Holy Trinity. About as classy as you can expect from those filthy cowards.

Jim Lampley Is A Left Wing Whacko!

Only three days and already some "celebrities" are outing themselves as top notch nutcases. I've only browsed a few posts but this one made me laugh out loud.

Jim Lampley says Karl Rove stole the election because bookies "understand which information to trust and which indicators to consult in determining where to place a dividing line to influence bets, and they are not in the business of being completely wrong."

Hey Jim, wasn't Giacommo 50-1? Out of curiosity, what were the odds agaisnt the Panthers being in the Super Bowl a few years back? I'm curious if Jim knows the line on the Mircale on Ice?

So bookies had it at 2-1 that Kerry would win, that means Kerry really did win? I don't understand the logic Jimbo. I the Orioles keep playing good ball and make it to the Series, will Jimbo say it was stolen, that Karl rove must be an Oriole fan?

Jim Lampley's final thoughts:

I challenge every other thinker at the Huffington Post: is there any greater imperative than to reverse this crime and reestablish democracy in America? Why the mass silence? Let's go to work with the circumstantial evidence, begin to narrow from the outside in, and find some witnesses who will turn. That's how they cracked Watergate. This is bigger, and I never dreamed I would say that in my baby boomer lifetime.

By other Huffington Pot thinkers is he talking about great political minds like LArry David, Gwenyth Paltrow, Robert Evans and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss? Yeah, a real powerful team you have there Lampley...jackass.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In Case You Haven't Noticed, and Judging by the Attendance You Haven't

Honestly, I have been incredibly preoccupied lately. There is something special about what is going on down at Miller Park and it's a damn shame that everyone seems to be missing it. No, they aren't playing .750 ball and they aren't nipping the heels of the Cardinals, but they are playing very good baseball. This isn't the flukie, home run fueled winning streak of past years. Granted, they still might fall apart this year, but we are finally able to see the pieces fitting into place. I've missed only four home games so far and I feel terrible when I miss one. Why? Well yes I am a die hard Crew fan and have rarely missed many games (former beer vendor, so I went to the first 2 1/2 years solid at Miller Park) but there is something else.

For the first time I can remember it is possible to SEE a winner being formed. Hardy WILL hit. He'll end this year around .250 and a solid #2 hitter, and by next year will find his form as around a career .280 avg. with a .330-370 OB. Later this year we will see some more call-ups as guys start getting moved (don't be shocked if the Crew is minus Lee, Overbay, and Spivey by September)and we may get to see Fielder as an everyday guy for a month if OVerbay gets shipped out. Secondly, Hendrickson, while he is struggling now, will probably get a shot in late summer as will Capellan. I think by the end of thise year we will have a good look at a team that will be in serious contention for NL Central Champs in 06.

It is because of this excitement that I have been spending all my time on baseball blogs and minor league scouting sites and listening to MLB Home Plate on XM radio (honestly the greatest channel in the history of radio). I have spent my nights watching the crew while listening to the Cards, Cubs and Astros on XM. It's become a bit overwhelming and I have really fell off on politics.

Trust me however, as this nuclear option blows up (possibly Thursday) and the Governor race heats up and politics gets a tad jucier as the summer progresses, I will be back to posting in bunches. This isn't to say that I am taking a hiatus or anything, and since the Brewers go on the road my weeknights will be a lot less hectic, just to explain my recent slacking.

Go out and see the Crew!!

Oh yeah, check out House of Flying Daggers, a Zhang Yimou film...saw it this weekend, fantastic!