Thursday, February 01, 2007

AJ Ratliff Made My Girlfriend Sleep On the Couch

So I watched the game at the sweet sweet bar that I play softball for last night. They also tune into every Brewer game, every night. I have trained them to have it on no matter what, so that if I stop in it better be on TV. (I tip well).

Anyway. That sumbitch worked Bucky last night and I was angry. My girlfriend is an IU grad. I told her at halftime if the Hoosiers won I would dump her. At the end of the game she stood up, jumped up and down, and shook her fantastic ass a little bit.

We reached a deal. I didn't dump her, but she slept on the couch... in her apartment.

You know what sucks about being from Wisconsin?


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Molly Ivins: Dead

When I was in sixth grade President Richard Nixon died. My teacher at Lowell Elementary in Waukesha only mentioned it by saying "if you don't have anything nice..." when I asked him at the end of the day why the death of a President wasn't worth discussion. That's about my feelings towards Ivins. I'd imagine she is somewhere in the great beyond, discussion a socialist Utopia with Che and Lenin...wondering where it all went wrong. I'm sure she'll be first in line to offer Castro a chair.

She'll be remembered for plagiarism and as the person who coined "Shrub." The Lunatic Fringe is in tears.

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Militant Atheists Taunt the Religious

Is there really a point to taunting those who believe in God, and to attempt to directly taunt God? Fine be an atheist, but is there a reason to be militant?

Thug Tech Riot

Wow, the Urinal actually posted video of the riot last night that broke out after the Bradley Tech - Bay View overtime basketball game. Clearly, time to stop allowing spectators into the Bradley Tech basketball games. Better yet, charge $35 per ticket, that will quickly solve the problem. These idiots want to beat hell out of each other on their own time in the streets, go nuts, but when these riots break out at high school sporting events, there are families, children, old people and all are put in danger. Go through the video and suspend any kid on the court, any kid swinging, and especially any kid who was arrested or detained. Chances of that happening? Mr. Slim, meet Mr. None.

I like that the Urinal calls it a "disturbance." Anytime DOZENS of cops have to go anywhere, and 4 of these officers are injured, it's no freaking disturbance.

Of course, since most of the people in the video appear to be black, I am sure it's just me being racist for thinking this is outrageous.

Symphony Mario

This is pretty freaking cool, if you like video games, which I in fact, do (just got a DS for the Boston trains...amazing!)

Where Have You Been??

Well, I’ve been in Boston for the past year, and I will be staying for the foreseeable future (grad school). A few things have made me decide to return to the great pastime of blogging. (I think that word is half the reason I stopped by the way).

#1 Google Reader. The thing is incredible. It’s like a never-ending listing of things that interest me, and every day I am adding new feeds. It is fantastic.

#2 Tommy Thompson. T2 is running for President!! He will be my guy until he is knocked out. I want to spread all the word I can, while I can, however I can.

#3 This jackass.

So folks, Righting Wisconsin is back, feel free to drop me a line if you want to know more about my last year. It’s been dope. And go check out the Sports Bar.