Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Justin Sowa: Member of Democratic Underground and Running for Congress

This is the guy taking on Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin and a rising star in the GOP. Why is this interesting? Who cares that some dude with a buck or two made a web site and declared they are running for a locked up Congressional seat? Because he is a member of the "I Hate America" Democratic Underground! I look forward to going through the various threads and looking for Mr. Sowa's posts, his DU screen name is bugslsu9 in case you are interested.

By the way, an ongoing debate on DU involving 9/11 has been whether the Bush administration Made It Happen on Purpose (MIHOP) or Let It Happen On Purpose (LIHOP). I am busy working up an email questioning exactly which of these theories Mr. Sowa ascribes to.

I'll let you know what I find out!


Stunning news, I didn't even know there was a Mauritania, (but of course, the CIA did).

The military council said it had ended the "totalitarian regime" of President Maaouiya Ould Sid Ahmed Taya.

Troops have seized control of state media and main routes in Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott.

Presidential guards earlier blocked off access to the presidential palace and gunfire was heard.

The new Military Council for Justice and Democracy said it would rule the West African state for two years.

A plane carrying President Taya has landed in Niger's capital, Niamey, on his return from attending the funeral of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, officials say.

Interesting note, Mauritania is an Islamic Republic controlled by light-skinned Moors who apparently violently oppress the Black African population.

This Weeks "I Hate America" Professor? Luciana Bohne of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

This is some truely epic hatred of ones own country. Staggering. Not only does she hate America for having such a reprehensible past, but hates it for the men and women who are currently in office. Lucianna manages to elicit hatred not only for Puritans and men, but for (gasp!) African American conservatives! How dare they!

What brought this on? Why the sight of an American flag being proudly displayed across the street of course!

Some choice, dripping-with-hatred excerpts:

Across my lawn, I can see an American flag waving in my neighbor's backyard. Mr. Smith (not his name, of course) isa nice man but he's 95 years old, and I can't take issue with him. I can't tell him that the sporting of the flag, at this time, is tantamount to saying, "I am a fool. Traitors run the country in our name. They are taking our money from the treasury and spending it on a shortcut to world domination through war...Poor flag, to be raised in a time like this! Wouldn't it be more respectful to tuck it away for more honorable service in better times?

Better times? Time to stop fooling myself. The idiocy is contagious.

When were there better times? Since the birth of this nation, it has engaged in more than 200 armed interventions around the globe...

Since 1945, a conservative death count for US adventures abroad can easily tally up to 6 million. Easily! ...

And not just abroad. There was slavery, reputed to have cost forty million lives and the bloodiest conflict in history up until then, although freeing slaves was merely the hypocritical pretext for one industrial power block to crush the inefficient slave-agrarian one. A different slave system was born—imitated throughout the world, and now in its imperialist, full-spectrum, warpath phase. There was one of the most brutal and cynical genocides in history—against the native population—to reckon with. There was the crime of being the first and only nation to have used the atomic bomb . . . TWICE—without many scruples or visible residual guilt. In fact, today 50 percent of Americans say they would have no trouble using it again...

A slave democracy! And it hasn't changed. Oh, there's a black Secretary of State, but she is only black on the outside. Her heart is white, male, and propertied. Besides, she rubber-stamps the fiction of racial equality. Very useful cookie, ideologically speaking, is Condi Rice. And, anyway, she is only a servant, merely the means by which the social order of the truly Elect—the rich folks—reproduces itself. Ditto for Colin Powell and that fool on the Supreme Court—that black judge with the ethics and sense of humor of a guttersnipe. But it's not like the white-skinned servants are any less revolting. Just look at the president's "advisors." Hypocrites.

Not only does she despise America and everything it is about, she also claims America (and Brittain) have been behind the three latest major terrorist attacks, 9/11, Madrid, and London:

We are the people who will die in bogus terrorist attacks—in New York, in Madrid, in London. At 9 pm in the morning, when we are going to work...

European constitutions mostly forbid aggressive wars, and the European populations positively abhor war. If you go back to the Madrid "terrorist" attacks, you will note that the Bush gang at that time was very eager to get NATO involved. The attacks on Madrid were supposed to scare Europeans into agreeing to NATO deployment. It didn't work...

In the midst of this conflict between Britain and France, there is an alleged terrorist attack in the London tubes. And Blair doesn't want an investigation. What he wants is to terrorize the EU members into compliance with Washington's fiction of "the war on terror"—a.k.a. as the Plan for the New American Century of World Domination...

I believe they are sincere in this because without war for world domination and exploitation how can they hope to stave off the impending implosion of the US economy and the crash of Britain's credit economy which supports a personal debt per person of 110 percent? They are sincere: their backs are against the wall. It's just that they don't tell us that their values and way of life don't exactly coincide with ours. They let our naivete interpret those words: we see Western Civilization (those of us who are devoted to the Telebible) clashing with Islam! That's how they spin it after each convenient terror attack...

The one entity certain not to benefit from the London "terror" attacks is first of all us, the world's people, and, second, Iran—as Afghanistan and Iraq didn't benefit after 9/11. In fact, quite the contrary. It didn't help that the Iranians voted in a leader the West didn't like; Rafshanjani could have been bought; he was their choice....

We live in dangerous times. And the danger is state-grown, here at home. Under the cover of our flag....

Stunning stuff. She hates America, thinks Americans are responsible for all terror in an effort to bring about "world domination" and that Americans are installing anti-American Presidents in countries that "Cheney wants to nuke." Note that it's Cheney's will, not President Bush's.

To top it all of, she even manages to throw some hatred God's way!

This God of theirs is indeed a God of Hypocrisy, for He bestows on their remarkable aggression and love of war a unique affection.

If you want to get in touch with Professor Nutjob er..Bohne, she can be reached at

To get in touch with Edinboro University at Pennsylvania, you can call the Dean at 814-732-2477. His name is Dr. Terry L. Smith.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No Problems Left In Wisconsin!

So what are legislators to do? I know, let's tackle those pesky gift card loopholes that allow businesses to close open accounts payable in a reasonable time! Yeah!!!

In another brilliant idea to make sure the people of Wisconsin are never forced to be responsible Rep Peggy Krusick has introduced legislation to make gift cards redeemable until the end of days, and for full value!

Krusick said American consumers spent about $55 billion on gift cards last year, with the average person buying three of them for a total of more than $100. But about 10% of all gift cards are never redeemed, because they are lost or expired, she added...Store policies on gift cards can vary, with some companies charging up to $2 per month if they aren't used within a year, Krusick said. Other businesses require that the gift cards be used within a certain period, she added.

Wow. People who are stupid enough to exchange $50 dollars that can be used anywhere for 50 Best Buy Bucks, and then give this absurdity as a gift thereby displaying their stupidity for all to see aren't happy with the system? Shocking. So now, Best Buy will have to forever carry that $50 on their books as an outstanding debt, even though little Stevie lost the card three seconds after he got it, or just keeps forgetting to use the damn thing.

How about an ad campaing instead outlining how freaking retarded the people are who give gift cards in the first place? Why in God's name would I want store credit you paid for? Just give me the $50 bucks and let me be damn it! I can see gift cards for one group of people...


I get it, you don't want your boy running out and buying heroin so you get him a Barnes and Noble gift card. Fine. Otherwise, stay away from the gift cards for God's sake!