Friday, April 29, 2005

I-Jacked, who says lefties can't come up with a gem?

The Shift Memo Gets I-Jacked : Sploid

You'll have to scroll down about halfway but if you like screwing with your snobbish iPod friends (my Dell Jukebox was such a better deal) then you'll love this idea. It comes from the newly launched, leftists lame answer to Drudge (but they are in the Lifehacker, Gizmodo family so at least it looks nice and is run efficiently) which blares news stories in a tabloid like fashion with over the top headlines like "Trump v. Bush" in an attempt to garner leftist audiences.

Anyway, the idea is i-Jacked, basically putting strange and creepy files onto your friends iPod, but short blips that are cleverly named thus hard to find and delete:

iJacked: 1) The intentional planting of horrible stuff on an iPod belonging to a friend, co-worker or loved one. 2) To hijack some fool’s iPod...How does it work, you ask? Simple. These days, people often share songs with their pals, which is a terrible crime known as Piracy or Felony Child Endangerment. Find out what kind of music your victim enjoys. If it’s your wife, for example, you might casually ask, “Lady, do you enjoy music? If so, please list three musical acts that would interest you, especially if I said I just downloaded secret new bootleg music by these acts.”

Then you offer to put this secret music on her iPod.

And then you load a cornucopia of awful things onto said iPod.

What kind of awful things? I’d stay away from traditional “songs,” because they tend to be several minutes long — giving the victim time to skip the song and find out its title — and there’s always the chance your victim will actually enjoy whatever crap music you install. Instead, just put a bunch of Deeply Wrong short audio clips, things that flash by with great weirdness & violence, leaving your victim confused and agitated. Did I really just hear that?

Your primary goal is to load as many little mp3’s as possible, because those iPods can hold thousands of songs and you want to up the chances that your grim additions will pop up in Shuffle mode. Also, if you have the time you’ll want to rename all the files so they don’t stand out. Tuck these little files on the end of long albums, you know? “HogSlaughter.mp3” becomes the last song on The Clash’s “Sandinista,” etc.

I love this idea, especially for your runner friends. What could be better than having a friend running in the park and out of nowhere hear a car horn and screeching tires from their immediate right and then turn and nothing is there. Talk about freaking out!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Hits Keep Coming

Packers News - Deputy had to pull Taser in order to arrest Green

It seems Ahman Green was rather belligerent when he got arrested, forcing the sheriff's deputy to pull Taser on him. The more details that emerge the worse Green looks (although it appears there was no actual physical violence):

“Ahman was very upset and yelling so loud that his spit was hitting me on the face,” Heather Green said in her written statement. “I began walking backward and Ahman just kept yelling in my face until he had me backed up against a wall...”

As deputies pressed the issue, Green became agitated and told deputies to leave his house, the report said. Green told deputies that he was a football player and he wanted to go to bed because he had practice in the morning.

When Green refused to answer any more questions, deputies told him he was under arrest for disorderly conduct as a domestic violence offense and ordered him to place his hands behind his back. Green repeatedly refused and tensed his arms as deputies grabbed hold of him. Only after Sgt. Tim Johnson unholstered his Taser did Green cooperate and allow deputies to handcuff him...

Heather Green told authorities that she was not injured in the altercation but fled the house in her pajamas because she feared for her safety. There was no property damage inside the home, according to sheriff’s reports, but Heather Green said she is fearful of the aftermath of the arrest.

“I am afraid of what Ahman may do to me now that he has been arrested and what he may to do my property I left at the house,” she said in her statement.

Fantastic Letter to the Editor

Regarding tuition increases at the most bloated public university system in the nation:


Explore alternatives to increasing taxes

The letter by Michael Hawes really incensed me ("More tuition increases are not acceptable," April 22). I worked three jobs to put myself through school and was just happy to have the opportunity to be in school.

Maybe one alternative to raising my taxes so he can have a lower tuition would be to close one of the University of Wisconsin campuses and consolidate students and instructors. That would certainly help keep tuition low and foster competition among the students for those coveted few positions on campuses. If tuition goes up and Hawes really wants to continue his education, he'll find a way.

Bill Hadley

The letter got me thinking, just how absurd is the situation, so I went and found a map:

No, that isn't a joke, and no I didn't add UW-Marathon County or UW-Barron County, and I didn't even make up UW-Marshfield/Wood County. Can you honestly look at this map and tell me there is nowhere to make cuts? Is it too much to ask for the people at Waukesha to go to Milwaukee of Whitewater (20-40 minute drive) or the people attending Richland to make it to one of the THREE surrounding schools? Can Fox Valley and Fond du Lac not be absorbed into Oshkosh? I get Superior, I get River Falls, but STOUT? A four year school, nestled neatly between two other four year schools. Waste in the UW system? If you want to talk serious spending cuts, lets get rid of Parkside, Platteville, and Stout for starters. Next, absorb some of the seemingly hundreds of two year schools into four years and combine those close, like Sheboygan and Washington County.

If we tackle this problem we are talking serious, dramatic cuts in expenses to the UW system and in turn a possible cut in tuition expenses (or plasma TV's for every dorm room) . It boggles my mind why this is never looked at as a serious alternative to raising tuition/taxes.

Thursday Urinal Roundup

JS Online: News:

After an easy House victory, the latest push to curb abortions moves to the Senate where Republican gains increase the likelihood of making it harder for minors to cross state lines to end pregnancies without telling a parent.

To me this just seems like common sense. Shouldn't we make it more difficult for minors to have abortions without their LEGAL guardians consent? Isn't that what the whole "legal guardian" thing means, minors aren't old enough to make drastic life altering decision for themselves, hence a parent is there to help them? If it's okay to end a life without the "legal guardians" consent, then really what purpose do they serve? I would argue entering a contract (legal guardian consent required) as a minor is a lot less dramatic and life altering thant ending a life.

Advocacy Group Reports Less Air Pollution

The "worst environmental President in the history of America" has somehow managed to reduce "significantly" the number of counties in which unhealthy air was reported for the first time in six years. President Bush must really be angry, somehow his plans to scorch the earth are failing.

2 want more cuts in Milwaukee fleet

I just can't imagine there would be more waste, I am sure DPW has cut their fleet to the bone. Come on, who are they kidding? I kind of found this amusing:

At a news conference outside a DPW facility, the aldermen also criticized a sport-utility vehicle assigned to Acting Port Director Eric Reinelt that was photographed outside a home Reinelt owns in Waterford.

Reinelt told the Journal Sentinel he has not been reimbursing the city for personal miles, and is unaware of any policy requiring him to do so.

DPW officials said the SUV was bought by the Port of Milwaukee and is not part of the fleet they oversee. It is unclear what policy may be in effect at the port or any of the other departments where vehicles are not overseen by DPW.

So basically there was this SUV sitting around, so the guy took it and uh, nobody is sure who/what/why it happened. Does the city really buy so many SUV's that they can just misplace one and it ends up going to a glorified temp? (Okay maybe that's a touch harsh, but come on no one knows who screwed up the oversight?)

I am also a little perturbed at the fine reporter Greg Borowski for making it totally unclear as to the extent of the fleet cuts. He reports that " DPW officials submitted a list of 104 vehicles to be eliminated, along with 40 pieces of heavy equipment. Another 65 cars and other "light" vehicles will be reviewed for possible sale later...The DPW also cut the number of vehicles city workers take home from 75 to nine on a year-round basis, and 25 during snow-heavy winter months." However he doesn't say how big a percentage this is of the overall fleet or how many vehicles remain.

Boots and Sabers covers anything I want to say about Holloway

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Great Day for Packer Fans

JS Online: Green arrested

Ahman Green arrested after his second "domestic incident." Apparently he is two for two after being involved in an incident with his first wife on their intended wedding night (they got married a few months later) he spent a few hours in jail on Monday night after a 911 hang-up from his residence near Green Bay

Walker to Hold Out

Budding superstar Javon Walker will become yet another of Drew Rosenhaus' clients to hold out. This is getting disgusting. Don't sign him, let him hold out. I hope the Eagles do the same to Owens and the Cardinals do the same to Arizona. Eventually players will understand that signing with Rosenhaus will end their careers, instead of allow them to break contract after contract after one good year.

Al Harris Focus of Inquiry

Additionally WTMJ reported this morning on the radio that CB Al Harris is under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a stripper in a nightclub near Miami.

Great day all around for the Green and Gold...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday Quick Hits

Daron Sutton, the TV voice of the BrewCrew has his own blog, and it's pretty interesting, all two posts so far. The guy is incredibly personable (thanks for the beer) and tells great stories. The only thing better would be if Rock dropped a few comments once in awhile.

The Dog Ate Daron's Homework

My view of the draft is much like most people I have talked to. The first pick was fantastic, in that they had no other choice and didn't blow it. Other than that, passing on Dan Cody in round 2 and Antajj Hawthorne in the later rounds was a gigantic mistake. Instead they took an absurdly raw and surly cornerback, a 26 year old linebacker/end who doesn't fit the system, and reached on Collins whom they could have taken at 58 after selecting Cody 51st. It just didn't make any sense to me whatsoever. They blew it after the first round.

How is this guy not from Wisconsin?

I think we need to start a collection, if this doesn't get the Brewers back to .500 I don't know what will.

Jay Mariotti bursts the Kyle Orton bubble. Not hard to do. Orton played well until he choked against Bucky and never recovered his form after that, to the point where he got benched for God's sake! I only mention this because he has the greatest line of all columnists I read today:

But the Bears don't need just Anyone. They have Rex, Chad and Kyle.

A boy band.

This Urinal editorial has led me to "republish" here a letter to the editors I wrote a year and a half ago.

It's not government's place to make decision

I find it incredibly interesting that the Journal Sentinel recently printed an editorial condemning the Patriot Act as an attempt by the government to take away some of our liberties, and at the same time it is championing the exact same thing in a Sept. 12 editorial ("Dinner without the smoke").

Banning smoking from restaurants is not the purview of the government. Individual owners of various places of business have the right to ban smoking, and indeed many have. To say that this should be a government mandate is more intrusive into the lives of everyday people than allowing the government to have access to library records.

This is foolish and heavy-handed nonsense that hurts restaurant and bar owners and will eventually get out of control. I don't smoke, and I dislike when people smoke around me, but for the government to step in and ban it is out of control.

Americans don't want to live in a nanny state. We have the ability to choose for ourselves whether we want to eat around smoke, and there are plenty of choices available to us now. We don't need government to tell us how to live our lives.

Finally, if Carlos Lee continues this power surge, and Turnbow can hang onto the closer role, AND Sheets doesn't miss more than one more start the Crew will come home looking like a much better ball club, and come May 13th, when they hit the road again WILL have a record above .500.

Cap Times brings it with another doozy

Editorial: Walker vs. caregivers

I especially like the first paragraph, in which the extreme left editors call Walker "the state's most ambitious career politician." I'm just curious, but what do they consider Russ Feingold? Isn't Feingold a career politician, and isn't he running, for all intents and purposes for President of the United States? That seems a tad more ambitious than Governor of Wisconsin. He is still a state politician, Feingold is supposed to be working for the people of Wisconsin and promoting our interest in Washington correct? I know that he hasn't done a damn thing for this state, but does that mean the leftists have given up even considering him a Wisconsin Senator?

The first paragraph continues like a Russ Feingold bio:

...trying everything he can think of to get out of his current job and into the
governor's mansion [oval office]. If there's a gimmick that will allow the state
to avoid dealing with real issues such as education, health care or job
creation, Walker is for it - no matter how useless or outlandish the proposal.

Outlandish and useless ventures for us Wisconsonites like going to Alabama to mend fences with those he offended, or creating ridiculous campaign finance "reforms" that hinder free speech and caused the creation of the obnoxious 527's. Yes, those were definitely worthwhile efforts by Mr. Feingold. The rest of the editorial reads exactly how you would expect it to read, quoting world renowned publications like the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram to prove it's point that HSA accounts are "bad." Very insightful.