Friday, April 08, 2005

This being a slow Friday and all

and the topic du jour of the week being the new Google Satellite service, I thought everyone might get a kick out of this:

Google Sightseeing

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Morning Quickie (because they really are great!)

UND Fighting Sioux smoked the Gophers last night in what was never really a game. Parise played great while the Gophers never really seemed to turn it on. They will now face defending champions Denver University (killed CC 6-2, all power play goals) on Saturday. Should be a great game, and if you're a true Badger fan, it's go DU all the way (rather, go Gwozdecky!)

The Crew seeks to remain undefeated as they take on the Flatland Cubbies this afternoon at 1:20. (Why does the Urinal print the times in EST? Why not central time? Just because they think like east coast leftists, does that mean they have to use eastern time?) It's a matchup between arguably the best Brewers spring pitcher in Capuano and the most overhyped pitcher in recent memory, Kerry Wood.

In "News of the 'Shaw" Waukesha School Board Slimeball Roger Danielsen has resigned. My View of the World has more, with audio!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


I have been invited to post over at the Badger Blog Alliance which has recently undergone a format change. They have decided to try the Corner-style format and go with a more free flowing style, with plenty of posters. Luckily I was one of "the chosen" and will be cross posting some here and there, but will still be posting plenty here, don't worry.

Anyway, check it out it should make for an interesting read.

More Churchill!

I'm not black, but if I claim to be on an application and you question it, then you sir are a NAZI! This according to Ward Churchill's lawyer. Now I have seen enough movies/shows to know that you want your lawyer to be the voice of reason, the guy who settles the situation, not enflames it. This is a theory Churchil obviously doesn't agree with. In public discussions he prefers the slash and burn tactic, and it seems he likes that in a law-dog too.

A University of Colorado faculty committee is investigating whether professor
Ward Churchill should be fired over allegations he plagiarized others' work, and
that he falsely claimed to be an American Indian to give his work more
"Do you wish to employ the Nazi standard for racial purity? Do
you wish to employ the standard adopted by the United States government for
determining Japanese ancestry in order to qualify for internment?" attorney
David Lane asked in a letter dated Monday to acting chancellor Philip DiStefano.

I think I speak for everyone when I say "Go away you freaking scumbag!"

A question posed to the Urinal


In an editorial today the Urinal writers, in all their emminent wisdom, decided that they would be dissatisfied with 38 of 41 Milwaukee Police Captains being white men. Not underqualified white men, just white men. I am puzzled.

Keep in mind that 21 of the 41 people appointed to captain by Jones were white
men. By the jury's logic, the 17 who sued should have been promoted. That means
that 38 of the 41 appointees would have been white men. That's a result that
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he would find unsatisfactory. So would we.

Personally I want the absolute best people we can find. If that means we have 41 hispanic female ninjas as captians, 41 Hightowers or 41 midgets with the reflexes of a cat and the speed of a mongoose then so be it. As long as we have the best people in every position of law enforcement that we can possibly find then why would the Urinal have a problem?

This argument makes absolutely no sense. Say that we have 41 black Captains and Chief Haggerty wanted to "diversify" the force. However, the only people that apply for the promotion to captain are white male hacks who routinely skirt the law and have a terrible record? In the interest of diversity, would the Journal really want those men promoted to Captain?

Seems to me that in the interest of tax payers we should be looking for the absolute best and most qualified candidates to promote up the ranks of the MPD, and not just people who fit the color/gender preferred by the Urinal editorial board.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Quick Sports Round-Up

Just a few quick notes:

It seems that because of injury and durability problems, Erasamus James may fall to the Packers at 24 according to Mel Kiper Jr Draft Expert. If this is a likely scenario then I would doubt the Pack making a move to trade up because James would give them that speed rusher to take pressure off of Kabeer and allow the linebackers to play more traditional defense instead of scheming unusual blitzes and forcing Barnett into pass coverage.

The Packers need someone to complement end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila and James would do just that. He can play the run and pass equally well

Additionally, the Swing Kings are in first place tied atop the division with the Cincinnati Reds. While I doubt the Reds can keep up this pace it seems obvious this is the year the Crew will go undefeated...okay fine, a .500 year and a JJ Hardy Rookie of the Year would be great too.

In somewhat shocking news, has the Crew at #19 in their Power Rankings, just 5 spots behind ChiTown and a spot above The Stros.

To be honest, it's great to see them playing well in PNC Park, where they were atrocious last year, and to see them putting up runs. I hope this carries over into Miller Park where the balls should be flying out for Carlos Lee!

Next game is Friday at Wrigley.

For those that don't know, the Frozen Four starts tomorrow, with an all WCHA final four. I would like to take this opportunity to say stick it to all you snooty east coasters...looks like the power shift is complete and Western Hockey is it!

I know families for both three of the four teams but I will definitely be rooting for whoever wins the Denver - CC game to beat whoever comes out of the UND - Gopher game. Sorry everyone, but you know how I feel about the Gophers, and UND ain't much better. I do wish all the players luck and hope for some great games.

In somewhat surprising news, Tyler Hirsch will be back on the ice which is a relief for me, and means I no longer need to feel guilty for hosting his video.

In other news, the Masters is supposed to start tomorrow, but with a 90% chance of rain in Augusta it might get postponed til later in the day or delayed til Friday, we shall see. As it is, my pick is Paddy Harrington, but I will be rooting for Lefty. (The site has live video from the practice tees, something pretty cool you might want to check out).

Why Burmaster is wrong


Urinal: Conceal carry bad because good people go bad

Forgive me, but the people at the Urinal get dumber and dumber...dare I say the day. Their moronic logic is summed up well by Owen over at Boots and Sabers.

I ask the editors, how, exactly, would a law permitting concealed carry have
aided Ratzmann’s effort to slaughter his fellow church-goers? It seem that
he managed it just fine without concealed carry.

In reading the article further, it seems that not only their logic was flawed, but their examples of "failed" conceal and carry were as well.

Neither is the Atlanta courtroom shooting much of an advertisement for
concealed-carry. After all, alleged perpetrator Brian Nichols overcame armed and
trained officers to pursue his rampage. Armed judges or prosecutors - which the
gun lobby is advocating - wouldn't have stood much of a chance.

What the Urinal fails to mention is that the "trained officer" was a 5 foot nothin 55 year old grandma in a small room with an extremely large and athletic younger man. As a matter of fact Mr. Pimentel, your average armed judge/prosecutor would have stood a MUCH better chance. We all know in Milwaukee how fantastically well trained and professional the deputies staffing the court house are.

The arguments against conceal carry are so ridiculous they defies logic, but since you can't win an argument with someone who denies reason and common sense, this is a lost cause. Does Mr. Pimentel really believe that allowing citizens to go through hours and hours of training and certification will cause more gun violence? Will the average street thug who "strap" to protect himself during a drug deal really al of a sudden care about law and order and go get himself a permit for that stolen weapon? When is the last time you heard an armed robber lament the lack of a conceal carry law? "If only Wisconsin allowed me to carry a concealed weapon legally, I would break the law and rob that damn bank!"

O. Ricardo will always hate guns, just like he will always hate gun people who have "probably watched too many Westerns."

What a smug and arrogant ass.

First Full Day

I'm struggling a bit to get back into the swing of things so bear with me.

It seems that the fine citizens of Milwaukee will never stop paying for the wide and twisted legacy of Jeffrey Dahmer. As everyone remembers Dahmer killed 14 men in Milwaukee in 1991, and it is believed 5 of those victims were killed after 2 MPD officers encountered Dahmer with one of his victims but let him go. Well, that situation led to then Police Chief Philip Arreola to fire the officers, who were then reinstated. This whole ordeal led to strained relationships all around City Hall and Arreola left (for Washington's greener pastures) in 1996....

Which brings us to Art Jones. The most miserable excuse for a Police Chief the city has seen. The guy not only constantly prodded and fought with his force, he was a petty and vindictive man who made silly uniform changes (leather jacket incident anyone?) just to stick it to officers who didn't agree with him.

Well, now Jones has screwed us again! Who do you think will be paying for that 2.2 million dollars? Mr. Jones? Any of the commissioners? No, we will be stuck with the bill because Mr. Jones is either afraid of or hates white people. Fantastic! How does a knob like this get that job...political correctness. (Sorry Eugene, but it was true in this case).

Thanks a lot Dahmer, now not only is serial murder and cannibalism tops on the list when people think of Milwaukee, you've indirectly cost us millions in a reverse-discrimination suit.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm Back

After a much needed and deserved break, I am back into the land of Beer and Cheese. I have also gotten all caught up on work (shows how important I am that it takes one morning to catch up on over a week of work) and am really glad to see that my humble page actually thrived while I was away, and now that I am back will undoubtedly sink back into the abyss that is anonymity. (Kidding, obviously I know that the Hirsch video was in high demand, and I happened to be a supplier).

Speaking of Mr. Hirsch, we no longer need to feel bad about hosting the video of his outburst, as he has been cleared to play this weekend in the Frozen Four. He also talked about why he was absent from the team here. I will only be happy if nobody wins it, but it is pretty nice to see 4 WCHA teams make the finals.

My trip was fantastic, I won't go into details but I did get to see the Crew play during the days I was in AZ, and got to see some quality women's hockey while I was in Denver. Barcelona (Scottsdale night club) was fantastic as always and the ladies in both Denver and Scottsdale remain incredible. All in all a great time.

I'll get caught up on news and events today and hopefully have more tomorrow if not tonight.