Friday, May 20, 2005

Democratic Underground: Only We Can Call People Nazi's!

A funny thread over at DU complaining about Frist using Hilter refrences in his opening remarks Thursday during the judicial debate currently raging.

Not only are they pissed, they think he should resign, for saying "I'm in Paris. How dare you invade me? How dare you bomb my city? It's mine."

Yeah, that's as offensive as some DUer's. absolutely.

Lampley Personally Knows "Big Time" Juicers

Jim Lampley has yet another interesting post on Huffington's "celebirty" blog. Being the headlining celebrity (he does HBO Boxing and stuff) he must feel it necessary to talk big. As such, he sort of puts his foot in his mouth.

Steroids and their imitators have been readily available to top athletes in every major sport for up to thirty years, and they are distributed through a massive pipeline that involves athletes, trainers, doctors, other medical personnel, agents, coaches, bodyguards, sycophants and hangers-on of all descriptions. The number of big-time athletes who have used them regularly is much larger than the public would ever want to know. The number who have used them situationally, just to recover from injury, dramatically expands the pool.

so uh, Jimmy, I think it's time you spill the beans. The first step to ending this abusrdity is to crack down. So lets hear it. The who what when where and why's of the steroid "pipeline" as you call it. You cliam trainers, doctors other medical personnel, agents, COACHES...who are they? You must know. I can't imagine you would just be spouting off to sound important, come on, you do boxing commentary, you're a big shot!

I especially want to know the "big-time athletes" who you know are doping, and who have doped situationally as you call it.

This should be jaw-dropping, headlining, subpoena generating news.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


I am having some issues with Firefox, somehow I lost all my settings and bookmarks and extensions and what not.

There are more pics and I'll get em up at some point, but first I have to figure this out.
President Bush Protest - May 19th
President Bush Protest - May 19th
President Bush Protest - May 19th
President Bush Protest - May 19th
President Bush Protest - May 19th
President Bush Protest - May 19th
President Bush Protest - May 19th

Keepin Tabs on Your Reps (found via lifehacker) gives a blog of what each and every congressional representative is doing and when. Pretty nice tool for political junkies. It lists what they have their names attached to and is sort of an "effort tracker." Not surprisingly, Herb Kohl is still worthless.

Dr. Seuss Goes To War

This is actually an interesting site I found while using Stumble (a fantastic extension). Basically it catalogs a bunch of cartoons Dr. Seuss has done throughout the years to support the war/America. There are a ton of them, some funny some over the top, but all interesting.

Remind anyone else of leftists?

At Least Higuera didn't get the Win

This is just to say that Jeffrey Hammonds, I hate you as much as Stu Scott and Phil Kessel. You ate up seven roster spots with your outrageous contract and played in barely a full season. May the most recent hit be your last, and may you be sent to the Japanese leagues and swindled like Cecil Fielder.

It's not possible to really be this dumb, it it?

Kathryn Ireland (not the hot model, some designer, Hollywood type moron) thinks there should be a military draft. However, not the random, pick a number any number lottery style draft with loopholes and exemptions. Nope, she wants all Republican kids drafted. She doesn't say if she wants kids who are Republican drafted, or if she wants kids of Republicans drafted, but she knows she hates Republuicans so much, she wants them out of the country, in a war, and presumably dead.

Can anyone tell me, are they going to bring back the draft? I have three sons -- all nearly teenagers -- and am terrified that they will. Why don't they make it that just Republican kids get called up?

I think maybe this isn't such a bad idea. While we're at it, only liberals and their children have to pay taxes for social programs. Only liberals have to dump money into social security, and so on. See, if the leftists get freedom from Republican military sacrifices, then Republicans should get to live off the work of these leftists.

I think a 75-80% total tax on Kathryn's (and the rest of the fabulously rich over at Huffington's blog)income should do just nicely.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Presidential Protest with Class

Those classy hippies and socialists are at it again, this time in preparation for the President's speech tomorrow.

George Bush
in Milwaukee
this Thursday, May 19
Milwaukee Art Museum promoting his
Social Security plan
at a luncheon.

That part is fine. I can respect a good protest. I stopped by the No-To-Gold rally where we had discussion and debate. It seems however that discussion and debate are not what these nutters have in mind.

gather at 12 noon at O'Donnell Park at the far east end of Wisconsin Ave. We will then march with coffins and banners to join the rally at Michigan and Lincoln Memorial Drive.

We will need about 12 volunteers to help us carry coffins

Wow. Coffins, really? Shockingly they don't come right out and say "make you Bush is a Nazi signs" but I can almost guaranty at least one. I'm going to try and head over there during lunch to see if I can't get a few pictures of the moonbats.

Firefox Extension Bleg: Open Thread

I am constantly amazed at the amount of retooling that can be done with Firefox. I have been looking around all day to find various extensions and plugins and new search engines. I think that's part of the fun. However, I wanted to see if there were any really useful add-ons you have found.

Please leave any you like (or dislike) in the comments, thanks!

Rove Behind Newsweek-induced Killings!

Wow, I love this Huffington Post place. I have found out that Jim Lampley is an extremely unbalanced childish and radical liberal and I have learned that despite Andy Richter's brief reign, it is Karl Rove who Rules the Universe!

Norman Mailer feels that Newsweek was set up, just like Dan Rather was.

Who, indeed, was Isikoff's supposedly reliable Pentagon source? One's counter-espionage hackles rise. If you want to discredit a Dan Rather or a Newsweek crew, just feed them false information from a hitherto reliable source.

Not only that, he feels US "agents" could have SET UP THE RIOTS!

As for the riots at the other end, on this occasion, they, too, could have been orchestrated. We do have agents in Pakistan, after all, not to mention Afghanistan.

Richard Bradley agrees, rather heistantly, and throws out the name of Cobra Commander, er...Karl Rove.

The way this Newsweek fiasco has played out is a little too neat, and the White House has jumped on it almost as if they knew it was coming...Would Karl Rove or someone at the Pentagon really plant such a volatile item just to discredit the MSM?

Classy folks Huffington is bringing aboard, classy indeed.

Cheap Gas - Milwaukee

Cheap Gas - Milwaukee

This is absolutely amazing. Using google maps and gasbuddy this website has compiled constantly updated maps showing where each gas station is, and how much they are charging in various US cities. Luckily, Milwaukee is one of them (there are a ton). Just pull down the city from the drop box and presto, current, sortable (within hours in some cases) gas prices!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Relieving the boredom...Tuesday Style (pt. 1?)

Sick new Madden preview (new to me anyway).

Here is more on the recently unvelied PS3.

PS3 v. XBox 360.

Interview with Dave Chapelle, he's not insane, he just hates white people.

An off color interpretation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as ultimate college metaphor, not for the easily offended.

My brilliant post about those idiots at the Urinal and their incessant desire to raise taxes over at Badger Blog Alliance

This is some kind of crazy counter-culture underground too hip for you deal where people remove wall hangings from hotel rooms and paint their own art underneath. Kinda cool, kinda vandalism. Now instead of checking for hidden cameras in the shower of your next hotel room you can check for art behind that terrible sea painting. By the way, they're called "secret wall tattoos." (thanks Lifehacker)

We don't live in a real tourist laden city, but I think this would be fun to do next time those FIB's invade our beautiful ball park (june 20-24).

pt. 2 later...possibly.

Eat it IE - Group: Internet Explorer share slips below 90 percent - May 13, 2005

Firefox is steadily gaining ground on IE as the little browser that could has more than doubled it's market share since October, from 3 to 6.8%.

Congratulations all you Firfox snobs...keep up the good work!