Saturday, March 12, 2005

"A sick Phil Kessel goal"

That is how my little sisters goal today in regionals was described to me. Digusting. One of her coaches (my older sister) called me to let me know I would have to extend my Cactus League vacation at the end of March to include a few days up in Colorado for the Women's Nationals. It should be a lot of fun, my older sister won nationals about six years ago in Syracuse, so this trip will be a lot nicer. Anywaym it seems the younger sister pulled out a move she learned from Kessel in the game today and made MN's goalie look foolish, so at lease I have that going for me, which is nce.

Badger Hockey update, Bruckler gets the pine as Eliott starts in net. Game just started.

The must click of the evening

A new Michael Jackson video, courtesy of eBaum's World. Very well done, very very funny.

All your base are belong to us...

I have had possibly the most unproductive day in months. I decided, once I woke up to go over to my neighbors with my laptop and surf. Nothing else, just surf. Here is where I ended up:

Zero Wing: Somebody set us up the bomb! You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha Ha Ha. (If that made no sense to you, you should watch the video)

This actually gave me an idea so I stopped at Home Depot while getting dinner and I too will be making a "flat man."

The original Aicha (GellieMan), and a copycat, to be specific. Funny funny stuff.

The human clock

Banana phone

Basically, I am killing time to watch the replay, cordoned off in my apartment with the phone off so I can watch the replay at 10:30 with no prior knowledge of the outcome. I'll let everyone know how flat man turned outm and possibly post some pictures.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Close one...

For those of you who care, Bucky squeaked out a victory, 5-4 despite Bruckler's Eddie Cicotte impersonation (ok, I'm sure he wasn't trying to throw it, but sheesh). I haven't seen the game, I listened to it on 1310, but damn did Bernd sound weak. A hundred footer rolling through the 5 hole got him yanked. Elliott performed in his stead and the Badgers were able to fight back and win. I am staying in tonight to watch the replay at 1:30 onb MPTV Channel 551.

UConn is in the process of trying to scrape back from a 21 point deficit with 12 minutes left. They have it down to 12 as we speak. Why must the things I care about torture me so??

At least I am better off than these schmucks. There is nothing more foolish than these iPod devotees. My sisters are members. It is expensive for what it offers, a sleek quality mp3 jukebox with relatively poor battery life. Personally, I decided on a Dell DJ 20 gig. It was about the price of an iPod mini with amazing battery life and a much less slick package. I don't care what it looks like, I want it to play songs. I also don't think about it 24 hours a day, give it a name, or pay hundreds of dollars for absurd accessories. For you older folks, were you like this with the first Walkman's? Did you guys name those gigantic boomboxes you carried on your shoulders?

My tech porn comes in phone form. My killer Nokia 6230 is an amazing phone with built in FM radio, 1gb of memory, built in mp3, high quality camera and did I mention the 4 minutes of video record? Did I mention it is incredibly tiny and light? Smaller than a mini by faaar.

HOLY HOLY HOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! UConn just hit a three, we're back to within 6!!

The Friday Sports Roundup

Because we can never forget...we hate Phil Kessel. ( Livestrong style bracelets may or may not be on the way).

Some QB is coming back, I don't know he's supposed to be pretty good.

Mike Wilkinson and a few tag-alongs play the Buckeyes tonight.

This can't be, the Urinal has discovered there is a hockey Wisconsin! Great way to recognize em...

His team has won only two of its last 10 games, kicked away a chance to win
the Western Collegiate Hockey Association regular-season title, scored more than
three goals just once in its last 13 games and hasn't won consecutive games
since Jan. 22 and Feb. 4.

Must win weekend for the badgers, more here. An article on why the games are being moved out of the Kohl center, to the old time Dan County Colliseum (I will never call it whatever it is now, and the Mecca will always be the Mecca).

We still hate Phil Kessel, look at this guy, he's too goofy lookin for the Cardinal and White. Fits right into that maroon n mustard.

Badger fans also got another solid defensive recruit.

Eaves bags another defensemen, another early commitment for 2007-08. Nigel
Williams, currently a 16 year old 6-3 210 lbs defenseman, set to play with the
USNTDP next year.

OSU sucks, Gophers suck, Syracuse sucks. Oh, Alaska Anchorage sucks. (Links will give you live scoreboards for the respective games that matter).

Thursday, March 10, 2005

They deleted my last post...

so I decided to pull a Vodkapundit and do a little "drunk blogging." Here is what the page looks like right now, at approximately 11:53...

Reform! Reform! Reform! (none / 0)

Senator Feingold,

Thank you for stopping by and please come back. We'd like to hear from you just as much as we hope you're listening to us.

Senator, you are uniquely qualified to help reposition the Democratic party as the party of populist reform and change that can be a new, forward looking clean government answer to the cesspool of corruption being overseen by the GOP in Washington, DC. We are Reform Democrats and we're looking for a leader. Please help make your colleagues see the light and help the party become Reform Democrats too.

Thank you for listening,
Steve in Sacto

by Steve in Sacto on Thu Mar 10th, 2005 at 09:42:58 PM EST
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Run. Please, we need you! (none / 0)

Senator, you will have my vote if you decide to run for president.

by Hannula on Thu Mar 10th, 2005 at 10:58:17 PM EST
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[new] Why delete posts? (none / 0)

I don't thin kthe Senator would approve of your overt blog censorship. What happened to the forum of free speech and open debate?

The gist of my previous, deleted post, was that I want you to run for President Mr. Feingold, because then you won't be able to play politics. The people of Wisconsin will see you for the leftist you really are, and the beating you take in the primaries will carry into a beating in your next Senate campaign.

Do the right a favor sir, run in 08.

As you can see, badgerhockey is my cleverly disguised handle. We'll see how long it lasts, my guess, a few minutes.

"we need free and open discourse" unless of course, you dare to challenge the Great Senator on his own blog...

EDIT: I am happy to say my post has been restored and it seems the senator will be allowing some free form debate on his site. (I still can't tell if this is his site or if he was just making a guest post). Anyway, it could prove to be a fascinating look at this guy.

The Russ Feingold Blog!!

What a jag. This guy is the Phil Kessel of the political world (by that I mean I can't stand him).

My kids often tease me about the time I pre-heated a toaster before putting some bread in to toast it...While the days of campus protests are not the same today as when I was in college, many people don't realize that campus protests are going on every day, all over the country, when thinking people, from all different states, generations, and ethnicities are drawn more and more to participate and exercise their First Amendment rights in an exciting venue: the Internet in general and blogs in particular. I agree Russ, I think you're worthless. Name me something you have done with your time in the Senate, besides hold on to your seat with a death grip...

This could prove incerdibly interesting, and I really hope he keeps it up. (The comments are disgustingly sappy..."a blog from the next President of the United States, you have got to be kidding me).

EDIT: see if you can find my comment, I wonder if it got taken down yet?


Seems like there are some problems with Blogger and/or
I have been unable to access blogrolling since early this morning and
now I am having trouble getting onto another blogger site.

However, I have reached a conclusion about one important matter. I am a
John Bolton fan. For all the reasons the socialist Guardian dislikes
him, I am a fan. (I haven't heard the term Americanist used very often,
but I rather like it. I hope most would see me as an Americanist.)

The enemy within

How an Americanist devoted to destroying international alliances became
the US envoy to the UN

"John Bolton has been named by President Bush as the US ambassador to
the UN. "If I were redoing the security council today, I'd have one
permanent member because that's the real reflection of the distribution
of power in the world," Bolton once said. Lately, as undersecretary of
state for arms control, he has wrecked all the nonproliferation
diplomacy within his reach. Over the past two decades he has been the
person most dedicated to trying to discredit the UN. George Orwell's
clock of 1984 is striking 13."

If they aren't referencing Hitler it's always Orwell isn't it? Do they not understand that 1984 was simply Stalin's USSR set in "the future" written by a shell shocked devoted
communist who went nuts when Stalin's atrocities came to light?

"In his first year, he forced the US withdrawal from the anti-ballistic
missile treaty, destroyed a protocol on enforcing the biological weapons
convention, and ousted the head of the Organisation for the Prohibition
of Chemical Weapons. He scuttled the nuclear test ban treaty and the UN
conference on the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons. And he
was behind the renunciation of the US signature on the 1998 Rome statute
creating the international criminal court. He described sending his
letter notifying the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, as "the happiest
moment of my government service".

(That is simply a stunning list of fantastic accomplishments. If there was an international court, howlong would it take for charges to be brought against every President we
have, and for some right wing nut to bring charges against French puppets in retaliation?)

Sorry for the formatting, it must look terrible. I'll try and fix it
when blogger gets its crap together.

(emailed in ESK).

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Worst...Chant...Ever...the sad plight of Xun (George) Wang

"Ain’t no university without the student body. We tried to do it nice, now we’re getting rowdy."

Parkside Protestors

About 100 students and faculty from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside marched
through the school’s halls today protesting in support of a sociology
associate rofessor who Chancellor John Keating has recommended be
dismissed.Keating wants to fire Xun (George) Wang because Wang refuses to teach
weekend classes. Wang contends he's the only professor who has been forced to
teach weekend courses. Some faculty and students are concerned that the
university’s treatment of Wang is discriminatory. Wang is Asian. He has filed
two discrimination complaints against the school with the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission since 2002.

Hmmm, thanks for letting us know he's Asian, I was thinking possibly Polish, maybe Nordic? Going to the UW-Parkside web site offers a bit more information. Oh, sorry Ms. Chang (she wrote the piece for the Urinal) I wasn't trying to discriminate against you, it's just that your blurb left some wanting more info.

It seems Mr. Wang is the low professor on the totem pole of the Anthropology/Sociology Department.

I decided I had better check out just how overworked this poor man is, so I checked out the schedule for the upcoming fall term. It seems Mr. Wang is teaching a whopping THREE classes for a rough total of 9.5 hours a week. That's right folks, less than ten hours of class time pre week. The man is teaching 8 credits. I took more than eight credits in a SUMMER once. If he is barely working one full day during the week, and won't work on weekends, when does Mr. Wang intend to earn his pay check? Mr. Wang is teaching two Intro to Soc classes and one Research/Survey Methods class (which seems to me to be a sort of study hall for Soc/Anthro majors.

So umm, what do you do Mr. Wang?

Just for fun, lets get an idea of the Anthro dept's view of the world, lets check out their links shall we?

Uncommon Thought :

This March 19th is the two year "anniversary" of the Bush and Company war of
choice in Iraq. To put it another way, it's the anniversary of the unleashing of
war in "perpetuity" or, as Gore Vidal aptly named it, "Perpetual War for
Perpetual Peace." For six months prior to the invasion of Iraq, and subsequent
occupation, if not longer, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Donald
Rumsfeld, et al, conducted a "marketing campaign" to sell their "product" with
all the fervor of a corporation introducing a "new" product or brand

Eszter's Blog:
Wow, this is an intelligent, left-of-center blog. I'm shocked.

A whole bunch of leftist drivel, including some (shocking!) defense of Ward Churchill.

Anyway, from here it looks like some leftist Soc professors are trying to boot someone for being lazy. If only he hated America and praised the terrorists, these nutters would go to the mat for him.

Get in touch with Mr. Wang, let him know if you have a 9 hour a week job with full benefits that needs a socialist...sorry, sociologist.

The nutters (a DUer of course) solved it!

They have known all along that we wanted to kill the Italians, but no one could figure out a motive. Well, it turns out that the multiple shots were really covering fire for a crack sniper to shoot the communist reporter (in a car going 100 mph...very nice shot indeed!) because she knew about all the terrible chemical attacks we carried out in Fallujah. The hit would have worked too, if it hadn't been for "the heroic sacrifice of Nicola Calipari. Ironic that the neocons are stymied by a combination of altruism and duty, things they cannot possibly comprehend."

Honestly, it's a bit tough to follow the logic, but I know it has to be right. Here's more:

Had everything gone as planned, an American sniper would have assassinated
Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena with one shot, following the sniper's code of
'one shot, one kill'. The only independent witness to what happened would then
be dead, as both her guardian, the heroic Nicola Calipari, the driver of the
car, and the other two passengers were Italian secret service agents, thus
worked for Berlusconi, and would be unable to say anything (on other accounts,
the driver may have been an Iraqi, but he could easily be disposed of). The
Americans obviously could have killed everyone in the car by simply blowing it
up, but it would then have been impossible to claim that this was just another
mistake made by a panicking speeding driver at a checkpoint. By firing lots of
rounds, but with only one shot killing anybody, it is clear that either the
Americans are terrible shots, or all the flying ammo was simply a ruse to hide
the only shot that mattered, the one that would kill the person with the
information on what happened in the chemical warfare attacks on Falluja. All the
Americans, except for the sniper, were shooting to miss.

Additionally, the US was apparently in a bidding war with Italy, we wanted her returned dead, they bought her freedom...

Presumably because the Americans offered them so many dollars to have her
returned dead. Fortunately for her, the Italians offered more to have her returned alive.

It's a shame that the author's true motives are finally revealed in the last paragraph with some nuty anti-Semitic rant:

Shooting journalists is just like the Israeli shooting of journalists and
international human rights monitors, and the entire Sgrena incident is just
another Israeli-style 'targeted assassination'. The Israelification of the
United States continues

More fun with anti-semitism abounds in the blog.

Adios Jackass!

from the NY Post

March 9, 2005 -- "I think that there was a general feeling among quite a lot of
us around the CBS shop and, indeed, some of the viewers, that Dan gave the
impression of playing a role, more than simply trying to deliver the news to the
audience. . . . It's a personality question. I don't think he was thinking of
himself of playing the role, although I don't know that. But that is the
impression that came across."

— Legendary CBS News anchorman Walter
Cronkite, on his successor, Dan Rather, whose last broadcast in that role is
scheduled for tonight

The whole thing seems somewhat strange to me. I have never once watched Rather or any of his broadcasts. Not any 60 minutes, and not one CBS Evening News. The whole Network News thing seems completely worthless to me. I will be watching tonight, because I want him to freak out and say something interesting and historic. It would be fantastic if he said something like "Screw you America, I'm outtie!"

That's what I'm hoping for anyway. Anything less than a kiss off would be disappointing to me. You know the guy hates all us "real" Americans, so why not just come out and say it? Maybe then he'll earn a little respect. Til he speaks his mind and says how he really feels, he'll just be another partisan shilling for his leftist masters. Either that or he could go out with a little dignity...

I would like at this moment to announce that I will be retiring from this
program...because of poor ratings. Since this show is the only thing I had going
for me in my life, I've decided to kill myself. I'm going to blow my brains out
right on this program... (From Network)

Just kidding Dan.

EDIT: So I lied, I didn't watch it. I did record it however, but honestly, I won't watch it. He didn't do anything cool or memorable, he just uttered "courage" and actually did go quietly into that goodnight. Good things did come out of this though, as Jiblog (it's Jib-log) made up some song lyrics and got "mad props" on Coast to Coast. While I don't have quite the creativity I was also reminded of Dan Rather while listening to the Greatest Album of All Time this afternoon...

Idiot wind, blowing like a circle around my skull,

From the Grand Coulee Dam to the Capitol.

Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth, You're an idiot, babe.

It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe. Dylan

Something shakin on Shake Down Street...

Jeff Wagner is doing a segment on this story right now. I read it this morning and was floored. Basically, black newspapers are calling for a boycott of Kohl's because Kohl's won't advertise in their papers. This plot was hatched by the ad agency that represents these black owned papers. It seems this shake down technique has worked on Home Depot and T-Mobile.

Kohl's is the target of a boycott orchestrated by Kimber, Kimber &
Associates, a Fresno, Calif., advocacy advertising agency that represents 250
black-owned newspapers across the country.
The purported offense: Kohl's practice of excluding black newspapers from its print media buys. The Menomonee Falls-based retail chain channels its print advertising buys mostly to mainstream media that enable it to reach the largest audiences.

Could it be possible that Kohl's doesn't think these papers reach their target audience? Could it also be possible that Kohl's is trying to reach a different market? Perhaps Kohl's doesn't think it appeals to those in the African-American community enough to waste their ad dollars(I've been to a few Kohl's department stores, the closest I can think of are in white).

I have a few other stores I believe the African American community should boycott since I am willing to bet they don't advertise in the black newspapers; Hockey Haven and Abercrombie come to mind.

Partisan hack writes about a partisan hack

Tim Cuprisin writes a little piece trying to justify Dan Rather's career. He briefly mentions Memogate, which he dismisses as a "blunder" before listing six stories that he feels will overshadow the partisan hatchet jobs that riddle Dans career. He also tries to deflect blame from Rather, since obviously Dan had nooooo power at CBS.

Rather didn't report the story. He was its face and voice, reading a script
others had prepared. In modern television, that face and voice has the clout -
even if the legwork is done by others.

Surprisingly, when Cuprisin mentions Vietnam, he doesn't mention the completely false story Rather did in 1988 about atrocities commited by veterans that did much to damage and defame thousands of men and women who served their country bravely. Hmm, sounds a lot like Kerry that way., is it parody...if not still funny!

I saw, a video production by leftists for leftists, through of all places. I am not quite sure why they linked it, I'm not aware of Dan Rather being a contributing editor to the site.

Anyway, I watched it and I am convinced it was produced by the Onion. It was basically a complete parody of the leftist party. In the first few minutes they accuse President Bush of having sex with gay prostitutes and compare Bush to Hitler (incredibly surprising!).

The most surprising part of this whole video is that they "out" Rock The Vote. One of the talking heads (Justin Paschal) is a representative of MTV's Rock the Vote. It has obviously always been a left wing organization, but this video provides AV evidence of that fact. Next time ('06?) they gear up their partisan machine, it will be impossible for them to deny their political affiliation.

This is supposedly going to be a weekly, for profit show but curiously it was lacking in advertising. How they plan to make a profit I am not sure. Anyway, either this is incredibly funny parody or a fantastically telling insight into the radical direction some leftists want the party to go.

What is
Politics with attitude.
Our feature program, demsTV is a mosh of quiz show, pundit-talk, and JenniCam. Each week, features a group of interesting, engaging young democratic political analysts competing on wit, knowledge, and impersonation skills.
The show is produced by, a network of commentators and political professionals from across the country; all (but not entirely all) of the Democratic persuasion. is a for-profit media company and not an agent or arm of the Democratic Party or any other political organization.
Over time and with a little luck, we hope to expand our program offerings and distribution channels. Stay tuned.

Michelle Malkin gets it...

Since I have been sick this is pretty much the only story I have been trying to follow, because it has seemed to me that nobody is talking about the HUGE underlying issue in the story of the Italian communist reporter, ITALY PAID A RANSOM! It wasn't a ransom to some hard up hoodlums or revolutionaries in Rio. No, Italy paid terrorists to release this woman. What exactly does the Italian government wish to accomplish, better cinematography in the beheading videos? It's shameful and disgusting that Italy, our supposed ally, has become a primary sponsor for insurgent terrorism.

The scandal is not that an anti-war propagandist has accused the U.S. of
targeting journalists. That's par for the course. (Yes, hello again, Eason
Jordan.) The scandal is not that mainstream media sympathizers are
blaming our military and dredging up every last shooting accident along the
treacherous routes to Baghdad Airport. Again, no surprise here.
The scandal is that Italy -- our reputed ally in the global War on Terror --
negotiated with Sgrena's Islamist kidnappers and may have forked over a massive
ransom to cutthroats for Sgrena's release.

Iraqi politician Younadem Kana told Belgian state TV that he had
"non-official" information that Italy paid the terrorists $1 million in tribute.
The Washington Times, citing the Italian newspaper La Stampa, pinned the ransom
figure at $6 million. Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported that the
Italian government forked over between $10 million and $13.4 million to free

The consequences of capitulation are bloody obvious. When you allow your
people to be used as terrorist collection plates, the thugs will keep coming
back for more. Might as well hang a sign around the neck of every Italian
citizen left in Iraq: Buon appetito.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I have been sick for the past few days, hence the lack of updates.
There is a ton to talk about as far as Milwaukee goes including the iPod
tax. To be honest I haven't even checked around a whole lot, but I am
sure most local blogs are on the iPod tax case. Just remember, Doyle
promised to not raise taxes, he didn't say anything about not creating
entirely new taxes.

Hopefully I will be back in action soon.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Follow up on the Il Manifesto reporter

Turns outthe Anti-American communist is saying the troops were trying to assassinate her. Shocking.

Instapundit has a great round-up. More than anything it looks like Italy didnt't want to admit to the US that they were going to donate a couple million to the terrorists in order to get this woman out safely.
THE GIULIANA SGRENA STORY: I keep getting emails from snarky leftists
saying that it proves Eason Jordan right. Except that if she were "targeted for
assassination" by the U.S. military, she'd be, well, dead, instead of
serving as an anti-American celebrity. I suspect that, beyond the accidental
parts, this story is about as genuine as the Jenin "massacre." Was it
shocking that she was fired at? By her own admission just
before it was fired on at the checkpoint the car was going so fast that it
nearly lost control. "The car kept on the road, going under an underpass
full of puddles and almost losing control to avoid them. We all incredibly
laughed. It was liberating. Losing control of the car in a street full of
water in Baghdad and maybe wind up in a bad car accident after all I had
been through would really be a tale I would not be able to tell."

This guy has an interesting take (a little out there but interesting nonetheless).