Friday, June 10, 2005

Why They're Losing

Honestly, hysterics will never win "the people" over. Recent talk from the Nader fringe about impeachment and from the Dean nuts about white Christians (does he know the GOP chair is Jewish?) can have nothing but a negative effect for the party of leftists. The only way they have won in the past is by masking their radicalism. Think Clinton and Gore. Clinton really is a more moderate lefty, but we are seeing the real Gore now. The screaming frothing bearded nutball leftist is the real Al Gore. He had to hide that to be a somewhat effective candidate, but now he has unmasked himself in the past few years.

The best part of this is that the core left doesn't seem to understand that. Perusing DU today I came across some pretty funny, end-of-the-world, conspiracy theory hysterical rantings. (I guess our fringe has the Rapture, their fringe has Orwell's 1982).

Here is a nice little sampling of my morning:

-The BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire) has performed "one of the grand coup d'etats of all time"

- Republican Party is really the Klan Party in hiding!

- You Are Not Safe Bush is a terrorist, trying to bring America to its knees, and will "stop at nothing to attack this country." Poster implies Bush is planning another (yeah, he was behind 9/11) terroirist attack to bring up approval ratings.

- Why we are f'ed in Iraq (from the "partner" of a Gulf War vet)

- The always fun 9/11 conspiracy board (yes, updated every minute basically)

I'll keep this updated throughout the day, just so everyone can get a feel of the true leftist nature.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Brewers Draft: Morning Update

Come on folks, don't get down. We still took 2 of three for the Yankees.

Round 43 - #1281 Kyle Eveland 2B 5'10'' 175 Palmdale HS 4/11/1987

Round 44 - #1310 George Washinton RF 6'2'' 175 Demopolis HS 7/8/1987

Round 45 - #1339 Ulrich Snijders CATCHER 6'1'' 210 St. Petersburg JC 7/8/1986

Round 46 - #1368 Alexander Lowrey LF 6'1'' 205 Mosignor Edward Place HS 2/11/1987

Round 47 - #1397 Matthew Broughton RHP 6'1'' 185 Triton Central HS 11/10/1986

Round 48 - #1425 Frederick Lewis LHP 6'2'' 190 Bucholz HS 12/16/1986

Round 49 - #1452 Cory Large LHP 6'3'' 175 Ld Bell HS 10/12/1986

Round 50 - #1479 Garret Regan RF 6'4'' 200 Sir Winston Churchill HS 2/7/1988

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Brewers Draft: Here We Go, Rounds 19-50

Round 19 - #565 Patrick Ryan RHP Embree Riddle University, Daytona Florida 6'0'' 200lbs 5/13/1983. FB tops outs at 88-90, with a sometime nasty curve. "competitor"

Round 20 - #595 David Welch Texarcana Community College LHP 6'4'' 200lbs 6/02/1984

Draft Fun Fact: Bozo the Clown's grandson got drafted in the second round yesterday!
Trevor Bell, who went 37th overall to the Angels, is Bozo’s grandson. Bell’s father Craig is the son of Bob Bell, a Chicago legend who spent 24 years on morning and afternoon television as Bozo the Clown. The family now lives in Shadow Hills, Calif. "I never really realized the effect my grandpa had on kids in Chicago until I started doing reports on him for school and learned that there would be a six-year wait for tickets to the show," Trevor told the Chicago Tribune. "He was just my grandpa, but he was also Bozo, and we don't ever forget that. We can sit around the house for hours telling stories about him."

It seems that one of the top high school catchers is still on the board. Brent Milleville is still available, but he has commited to Stanford. I am not sure if he has made it known to not draft him or if he has a Boras-like agent or what, but he is someone I would like to see the Crew take a flier on.

Round 21 - Justin Stiers RHP Saddleback Commuinty College 6'2'' 195

FYI Nick Punto (current Twins middle infielder/utility player) is a product of Saddleback CC, and Justin is not mentioned in any news releases, begging the question...

I'm gone for lunch, I will resume at 1:30 or so. Round 22 has yet to start.

Round 22 - Kenneth Holmberg 2B 5'9'' 175 2/21/1983

Round 23 - Brendan Katin OF 6'1'' 235 1/28/1983 University of Miami Big time power, good athlete for size (muscular strong build)

And the "first-team-to-select-a-guy-already-picked" sweepstakes winner goes to those Idiots, the Boston Red Sox.

Round 24 - Michael Ramlow LHP 6'5'' (!?!) 165 LBS 3/2/1986 Owens Community College

Round 25 - Taylor Green 5'11'' 2B 11/02/1986 Cypres College

Round 26 - Jacob J Arrietta 6'3'' 210lb 3/6/1986 RHP Weatherford College (TX)

Another Whitewater player taken, Kevin Tomasiewicz (born a year and a day after me)LHP, by the New York Mets.

Round 27 - Bradley Wilcutt 6'1'' 220 CATCHER Southern Miss 2/18/1982 I will defeinitely look into this pick. A college catcher with any sort of talent should be with the club freaking tomorrow!

Southern Miss senior catcher Brad Willcutt was named Third-Team Louisville Slugger TPX All-American sponsored by Collegiate Baseball today...The Columbus, Miss., native led Southern Miss with 16 home runs, 21 doubles, 82 RBI and 149 total bases this season, helping Southern Miss to a 41-19 season, for the school’s third consecutive 40-win season, a school record.

Very interesting. WIlcutt went 4-5 and was MVP of the Coca Cola Classic Baseball Championship.

Round 28 - #835 Scott McKnight SS Saddleback CC 12/22/1984 6'1'' 155

Round 29 - #865 Dane Renkert 6'1'' 210 RHP Washington State University 10/17/1981

He was named first team All-Pacific League.

Round 30 - Omar Aguilar RHP 6'0'' 220 lb 3/31/1985 Merced College

On my boy Milleville, I heard he is a strong commit, and since he is a high school catcher, not many team are willing to take a flier yet on him. I still like his potential, and now there is a record of my desire for the Brewers to pick him. If he pans out, I can point to this. If he doesn't, no one will remember I wrote this. Win win in my book.

Round 31 - #925 Patrick Murray 6'2'' 230lb Marina HS (CA) 12/24/1986

Round 32 - #955 William Pennington 6'4'' 225 U Alabama Tuscaloosa 4/11/1983

Round 33 - # 985 Jorge Core 6'2'' Puerto Rico Academy high School 2/17/1988
"Large excellent toned pitchers frame, good extension FB runs away from RH, low 3/4 slider"

In his scouting video, he looks about twelve years old.

Round 34 - Riley Kjelgaard RHP 6'5'' 215 Indian Hills CC 1/22/1986

Round 35 - Sebastien Vendette RHP 6'0'' 165 Northeast Oklahoma A&M 4/4/1986

He was picked last year by the Marlins in round 36, big step up!

Round 36 - #1075 Stephen Barnes RHP Lake City CC 6'3'' 215 11/15/1985

He is a draft and follow guy (from

Barnes is a good sized righty (6'3", 215) that has shown a powerful arm, but has struggled to consistently pitch in the 90s. His curveball also flashes plus potential, but he needs to tighten his mechanics to become a more consistent pitcher. From his Head Coach at Lake City CC, Tom Clark: "Barnes was shut down for most of the fall with some tenderness in his forearm, so we decided to not take any chances with him. He should be fine for the spring though and hopefully will grab one of our starting rotation spots. When I saw him in the spring he was 89-91 with a curve, slider and a change up. Had excellent control. If he is healthy he should play a large role on our team." Like Johnson, Barnes needs to show consistency, and if he does while staying healthy, there's a good chance he'll be added to the farm system by June.

Round 37 - #1105 Christopher Hopkins CF 5'1'' 170 Sierra JC 9/10/1987

Round 38 - #1135 Christopher Jean 6'4'' 175 RHP Texas State University 10/31/1982

Round 39 - #1165 Bradley Miller SS 6'0'' 185 Cowley County CC 12/11/1985

Draft Fun Fact - Junior Spivey is a Cowley County CC alum.

Round 40 - #1194 - Ryan Crew SS Texas - San Antonio 6'0'' 175 8/31/1983

Cool PDF Flier they made up for him.

FIRST TEAM TO BAIL - Oakland Athletics!! Adios losers.

Damn, the Angels picked up my boy Milleville in the 39th round. This guy will be a top cathcer. Offensive pop and fantastic defense, should be a fun guy to watch.

Round 41 - #1223 Jordan Lennerton 1B 6'2'' 215 El Paso CC 2/16/1986

"Pure left hitter with power to both fields. Works counts, appreciates balls and strikes."

Round 42 -#1252 Chris Copot CATCHER 6'2'' 175lb Lethbridge CC 12/13/1986


Copot, like Patterson, plays for the Prairie Baseball Academy in Lethbridge, Alberta. The first of two draft and follow catching candidates, Copot is a similar prospect to Clay Blevins, a draft and follow candidate from a year ago, in that he bats left-handed and is more refined at the plate offensively than he is behind it defensively. He has good size and athleticism at 6'3", 185, and starred in hockey as a hard-hitting defenseman as a Calgary prepster. Copot has the perfect no-nonsense demeanor to don the tools of ignorance.

Another draft and follow guy.

That'll do it for now, I'll recap the rest of the pics later on, but I am outta here for now.

New Hillary Book Implies Lesbianism?

I found this on Patrick Ruffini's 2008 Presidential Wire. This book could be crippling to Hillary Clinton's polotical career if it is written with even half an ounce of crediblilty. If it is like the Bush Dynasty book that came out last year written by the tabloid chick with no credibity and sources claiming she made everything up then, no, this will be worthless. However, it was written by a former New York Times writer, so it immediatley has a bit more credibility.

Hillary Clinton is facing astonishing allegations that she ‘embraced’ revolutionary lesbianism when she was young and tolerated her husband’s philandering because their marriage was a largely sexless political convenience.

The claims are made in The Truth About Hillary, a book by ex- New York Times journalist Edward Klein.
‘She was a mother, but she wasn’t maternal,’ says Klein, reporting that rumours were rife that she was a lesbian after she became First Lady in 1992. ‘She was a wife, but she had no wifely instincts. ‘She said she was passionately in love with her husband, but many of her closest friends and aides were lesbians. Everything was ambiguous.’ Political analysts say the book could be a devastating blow if, as expected, she runs for the White House in 2008. Klein claims ‘the culture of lesbianism has influenced Hillary’s political goals and personal life since she was a student at Wellesley, an elite college near Boston, from 1965 to 1969.
‘There was a long tradition of lesbianism at Wellesley,’ he writes.
‘At least two women who were close to Hillary would become out- of-the-closet lesbians.’ The book charges that the Clintons’ marriage in 1975 was a sham, designed to further their liberal ideological aspirations. There is also the explosive claim that Chelsea Clinton was conceived as a ploy to cover up Hillary’s sexuality.

Very very interesting...

Brewers Draft FYI

Just a heads up for those who still care. I will be semi-live blogging round 19-50ish (the draft goes til teams decide they don't want to take anyone else, in other words until everyone related to anyone even remotely involved in MLB is drafted) starting at 11 o'clock today. I probably won't catch every Wisconsin native since they have zero space between picks today, but I will try and get every Brewer pick, and hopefully a little background or pertinent info on most. I will be paying special attention to any catcher selected. (If the guy they took yesterday doesn't sign with UCLA, he could be special.)

Also, if you haven't made it to a game this week, consider it your duty as a Wisconsonite to make it tonight. I went Monday and Tuesday and can't tonight because the bowling league started, so I need someone to pick me up. (BBA, I"m looking at you).

Anyway, from 11-5:30, I'll be firing away to keep up with the draft, so check in periodically with notes of encouragement.

Also, a Ryan Braun note. Miami will play Florida this weekend in the Coral Gables Super Regional for a right to go to the College World Series in Omaha. Their first game is this Saturday at 11 am and I think it will be on ESPN or ESPN2, so we get a chance to watch the guy in action. Rumors have it that he may be a fast-tracker, on the Crew in 2007.

If you read anything today, read this (World Trade Memorial Cultural Complex)

Vodkapundit - Pardon the Language

Steve Green hits the "World Trade Memorial Cultural Complex" out of the park.

Debasing freedom on the site where freedom was attacked, is more akin to giving equal time to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion at the National Holocaust Museum. Why doesn't the IFC just go on and include a multimedia exhibit of the West's crimes against Islam?...the IFC exhibit is treason to the memory of the nearly 3,000 people who were murdered for the crime of going to work on 9/11/2001...We don't memorialize our war dead by including pictures of them picking their noses. We shouldn't remember our losses by blaming its victims - or even their great-great-grandfathers. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier isn't inscribed with, "What a Fuck-Up, Huh?"

This is the worst idea I have heard. I am sure it is going to explode in the right side of the blogosphere, as it should. I sincerely hope that, once again, the larger bloggers are able to make a difference here.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brewers Draft: I Just Can't Stop

The Brewers have already signed one pick, Steve Garrison, who will be assigned to rookie ball in AZ.

Just a few days after a workout at Miller Park, New Jersey high school lefthander Steve Garrison (The Hun School of Princeton) was taken in the 10th round, pick 295, by the Milwaukee Brewers. He had committed to play baseball at North Carolina, but sent signals before the draft to the teams who were interested in him that he would consider signing if he was taken during rounds five through 10. Garrison’s father, Gary, said that his son had already agreed to a contract with the Brewers, and will be assigned to the Rookie-level Arizona League.

Brewers Draft: Ryan Babineau

I am going to do a quick look into the first (and thusfar only) catcher the Brewers have taken. There acctually seems to be a nice load of info on him.

He is the 28th ranked player in California, according to CAbaseballzone.

Seems he signed a LOI to UCLA. I am not sure if he was a previous pick by the Brewers or what, but here he is in a Brewers uni.

He seems to be a bit of a big deal in CA baseball, which is both nice and crappy. A guy like this, it is unlikely he will sign with the Crew, which is probably why he fell so far. He looks destined to be a Bruin. If anyone else has anythng else I would love to hear it.

UPDATE: According to Steve Trombly of, which seems to be a CA baseball specialist, Ryan is wearing a Brewer jersey during something called the Area Code Games.

Brewers Draft: Quick Update

Here is who they have taken so far, since I left work in the 12th Round.

13th Round - Ryan Babineau C Etiwanda HS (CA) 6'2'' 190 12/13/1986
14th Round- Mark James RHP Sinclair Secondary School 6'1'' 185 07/24/1987

15th Round- Michael Bell 2B Grayson County College 6'0'' 3/30/1985
16th Round-Andrew Bailey RHP Wagner College 6'3'' 220lbs 5'31'1985
17th Round-Timothy Smith RF Midland College 6'2'' 200 lbs 6/14/1986
18th Round- William Braddock LHP Gloucester Catholic HS 6'3'' 220lbs 8/23/1987

I will look up info on some of them, at this point I don't really think many of them are worth much, at least not to take up my evening. Hopefully we found some gems, and I will definitely look into Ryan Babineau but since he is a high schooler I doubt there will be much on him.

Come On Sheets!!

Brewers Draft: Rounds 6-whenever

I'll just keep the rest in this thread and update it as they draft. These rounds fly by, and God knows how long this will go on, so I will try and consolidate.

Round Six:

UPDATE: Steven J Hammond (6-2 205) LHP Long Beach State (two long beach pitchers go in a row...odd).

Gregory Reinhard from UW-Whitewater got picked by Tampa Bay.

Round Seven:

UPDATE: Michael C Brantley (6'2'' 180 5/15/1987) CF Fort Pierce HS (Son of Blue Jays hitting coach, Mickey Brantley)

Round Eight:

I can't help but notice the Brewers have yet to pick up a Catcher. I'm not sure of what type of catchers are available but how do they expect to get any catching depth if we sign no catchers. I am thinking I should hit an open tryout. I'm still only 23 with a live arm. I'm playing with my pop in an alumni game this weekend so we'll see what I have left.

Brewers 8th round pick: Jemile M Weeks (Rickie Weeks younger brother) HS shortstop 5'9'' 160lbs. Lake Brantley Florida

There is actually a lot of info on weeks.

he Weeks' siblings are also making this draft a family affair. Rickie Weeks, who is currently starring for Nashville of the Pacific Coast League, is a former first-round pick of Milwaukee. Jemile Weeks is a senior at Lake Brantley High in Florida and has drawn comparisons to his older brother.

The switch-hitting Weeks has a quick bat and has good power to the alleys and at least one National League scout says he is impressed with the way Weeks handles himself on the bases. He's committed to the University of Miami but whether he ever plays there remains to be seen.

Check here, here, and here. Older brother Rickie also gives little bro "props."

Also in Round Eight, Roger Clemens' son, Koby, was drafted by the Astros.

Round Nine:

UPDATE: Pick #265 - Carlos E Hereaud (yet another) Third Baseman 6'0'' 195lbs 2/20/1986 from Lawrence E Elkins HS. Seems he is a commit to University of Houston.

Round Ten:

UPDATE: Pick #295 - Stevenson Garrison LHP The Hun School (NJ) 6'1'' 185 09/12/1986

Talk about young looking!!

Round Eleven:

UPDATE: Supposedly now is the time most teams start to look at positional needs, so I expect the Brewers to take two or three catchers in the coming rounds. Signability is no longer an issue as teams look to take a flier on someone who they hope they can sign, it seems there are a few good HS catchers (i.e 7 years away) still available.

Pick #325 - Brent W Allar RHP Weatherford College Texas 6'2'' 210 3/1/1985

Well, it seems XM has cut off Draft Coverage but I am going home soon anyway, so here is where the live coverage ends. I will go through it later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning and update everything else. I hope this was informative.

UPDATE: I switched over to listening at, and will be here til about 5:30. After that I'm seriously out of here.

Round Twelve:

UPDATE: Pick # 355 - John L Alonso First Baseman Polk Community College Winterhaven Florida 6'0'' 220 2/19/1986

Sorry, that's all I have time for, I'll probably update more during the game tonight if I don't end up going. I also still have to post about last night's fantastic game.

Brewers Draft: Finally something on Gamel

From the Baseball America Draft Day Blog

While putting together our draft preview issue, we checked in with Jeff Johnson, the head coach at Chipola (Fla.) Junior College to get the vitals on speedy outfielder Darren Ford, who signed a couple of weeks ago with the Brewers. During the same call, all Johnson wanted to tell us about was Matt Gamel, his third baseman, who as the 115th pick, will join Ford in the Brewers system. Gamel went .433-14-63 this year, and Johnson called him the second or third best hitter in the state.

Brewers Draft: Fourth Pick: #145 Kevin W Roberts RHP - Univeristy of Houston

Reputation as a reliever, Houston has a good history of relievers.

Versatile athlete who played at every position except catcher, first base and center field... Led the Cougars with a .374 batting average and tied for third with six home runs.... Finished third with 31 RBIs and led all players with a .439 on-base percentage... Was equally effective on the mound for the Cougars.... Was projected as the team's closer but moved into the starting rotation when injuries hurt those plans... Finished second on the team with 67 strikeouts and third with 57.0 innings pitched.... Ranked second among Cougar hurlers with five wins... Finished second with nine multi-RBI games... Struck out four batters in three innings of relief against Texas Tech at the Minute Maid Park College Classic... Threw three shutout innings of relief against nationally-ranked Long Beach State in that series finale...

Brewers Draft: An Op-Ed on Inman

I am intrigued by this pick, mostly because he seems to be revered in Virginia, and untalked about elsewhere. Barnie Day, from something called seems to love the kid.

Will Inman. You'll see him on the cover of Sports Illustrated one day. But you read about this Danville pitching prodigy in this column first...Remember his name. You don’t know it now, but you’re going to. You’re going to see it lots of times. And you’re going to see him. On magazine covers. And doing commercials. And God knows where else before this is all over.

And if you follow baseball, you can write this down: you’re going to see him start, and win, in the World Series.

I don’t know anything about baseball, but I’ll take bets on this one. And, no, I won’t be writing the letter. Nobody’s going to require one. It would be as presumptuous as recommending Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. Besides, coaches have been tailing him for years. Representatives from Duke and Virginia Tech were watching Tuesday.

The only thing that will keep this kid out of a major college career will be how high he goes in the baseball draft next year. That’s right. Next year.

Will Inman is a junior in high school. Nobody — coaches, scouts, nobody — can talk to him yet, not even so much as to say “hello.”

This kid faced 21 batters Tuesday afternoon here in Stuart — and struck out 18 of them, most on three pitches, 90 mile-an-hour-plus fast balls, and curve balls that are scary, that defy the laws of physics.

In three games this year he has 47 strike-outs. He broke Tunstall’s all-time career strike-out record as a sophomore, the same year he was district and regional Player of the Year, and was named First Team, All State in Virginia.

And he hit two home runs here Tuesday — one a grand-slammer — straight shots that went out at the 340 ft. marker in center field.

I am unimpressed, the guy as much admitted he knows nothing about baseball, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Brewers Draft: Will Inman

Looks like he is commited to Auburn. He only threw in the mid 80's last summer, but brought that up senior year.

The Brewers and Braves were among the few teams that didn't shy away from Tunstall High righthander Will Inman after he sat in the mid-80s at Virginia's Commonwealth Games last summer. But the state's career strikeouts leader bumped his velocity up to the low-90s as a senior and Milwaukee nabbed him in the third round. He'll now have to decide between pro ball and a college commitment to Auburn.

Brewers Draft: Matthew Gamel

Third Baseman from Chipola Junior College. I'll look for more.

Brewers Draft: William Inman

I can't find anything on our second pick of the draft, William Inman, other than he is a 6-1 210 lb right handed pitcher from Tunstall HS in Virginia. Also, he was born on February 6, 1987. So, more than likely a young man , a project, who probably has a rocket arm. He wasn't a Baseball America Top 200 prospect, which is strange since I noticed a few top level pitchers went well after the 86 spot, which is where the Crew got Inman.

The Brewers third pick is now.

Brewers Draft: Braun Update

Bottom of the page, there is a video of Braun's reaction to being selected by the Crew. He even calls them a "tremendous organization."

Adam McCalvy already has an article on our first round pick.

With the fifth overall pick in the 2005 First-Year Player draft the Brewers selected University of Miami third baseman Ryan Braun. He can hit, he can run and he can play a number of different positions (some scouts project him as a big league outfielder), and he is closer to the Majors than any high-ceiling high schooler the Brewers may have coveted.

Braun, 21, is just the second collegiate player drafted by Zduriencik, but the other -- Southern University second baseman Rickie Weeks -- was a no-brainer at No. 2 overall in 2003. Zduriencik's other picks were all straight high-ceiling, long-term projects out of high school: outfielder Dave Krynzel (2000), right-hander Mike Jones (2001), first baseman Prince Fielder (2002) and right-hander Mark Rogers (2004).

"I can bunt, I can steal bases and I can hit the ball hard and with power,' Braun told's Jonathan Mayo last month. "I can help my team win games in a number of ways."

Ankle Biting Pundits on the Benefits of Unions (GM cutting 25000)

The union could have cared less that health care and other costs were skyrocketing - they wanted to continue the free ride and refused to see how this stance could only lead to disaster for everyone. Sound familiar (think Medicare and the RX Drug Bill)?

A very good interpretation of what went wrong in UAW's tactics. Basically, they were greedy idiots.

Your Next Milwaukee Brewer: Ryan Braun

I am a little disappointed. It just seems strange that with the fifth overall pick the Brewers took the third best player at a position. I could see if the was the third pitcher taken, but thid third basemen? Seems strange.

However, he is a hitter. And we will be able to watch him in the College World Series, which was a ton of fun when I was a kid watching Jenkins. He is projected to play third and possibly develop into a corner outfielder. He went to Miami as a SS and played a bit there in college.

Braun's Career Bests
Hits: 4 vs. Bethune-Cookman, 5/30/03
RBIs: 5 vs. Georgia Tech, 3/30/03
Runs Scored: 4 (three times), last vs. Pace, 5/2/03
Home runs: 2 vs. NC State, 6/7/03
Walks: 2 (five times), last vs. Georgia Tech, 3/29/03
Stolen Bases: 2 vs. Georgia Tech, 3/29/03
Strikeouts: 3 (three times), last at Jacksonville, 5/12/03


The Brewers would love a crack at Gordon or Zimmerman, but instead will address their needs at third base with Braun, one of the best college bats available.

Medium build. Athletic frame. Round shoulders. Body similar to Aaron Boone. Aggressive hitter, hits to all fields. Quick bat. Makes adjustments at plate. Power to all fields. Runs well, long strides. Avg arm strength. Makes plays in field. Solid 5-tool player.

I'll look for more throughout the day.

MLB Draft Results

Listening live via XM. Brewers pick fifth and are reportedly looking for a third basemen. The best two available are Alex Gordon and Ryan Zimmerman, both expected to go top four. Therefore, the first "up in the air" pick is probably going to be the Brewers. The process is different than most, as they fire off picks every 30 seconds. Therefore, once it starts, I'll stop and look into the Brewers pick.

Turns out the delay is because the Yankees aren't in the room yet...pricks.

UPDATE: Diamondback take Justin Upton, SS Great Bridge HS

UPDATE: Royals Alex Gordon 3B, U of Nebraska...DAMN!!

UPDATE: Mariners Jeffrey Clements C SoCal

UPDATE: Nationals Zimmerman Ryan 3B U Virginia

UPDATE: Brewers Ryan Braun 3B U of Miami

The Erstad Train Tolls Through Estrada

Check out this video, they show five or six fantastic angles of Erstad playing old time baseball. To me, this is classic, hard nosed ball that we need to see more of. The fact that Estrada keeps his hockey-style helmet on makes it even more appropriate for Erstad to roll him. By the way, armor clad Estrada dropped the ball and Erstad scored.

By the way, I was at the game last night and have a few thigns to say about that, and today is the MLB draft, so I will have a few things to say about whichever hot corner player they pick. The Crew picks fifth FYI, and two 3B are expected to go in the fourth, so they are looking at possibly taking the third best third basemen with the fifth overall pick. Seems strange to me, but we shall see.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Those Compassionate, Peaceful Leftists

Cola Wars

Unknown to me, or anyone else I know of, there is a blossoming industry of Anti-American cola drinks sprouting up in Europe and the Mid-East. This is sort of strange but understandable. Never underestimate the human ability to turn a buck. Beautiful Atrocities has the story.

My favorite has to be Muslim Up, whose slogan is ""It is so by proposing an alternative of purchase so small it is which will prevent these neo-executioners of the new century from buying maybe the munition of excess a ball, a life." Very catchy.

There is also a Turkish cola that features an ad starring Chevy Chase.

Very strange times indeed.

For the Record, even I have been called Hitler


This is a nice, bipartisan list of people who have played the "Hitler Card" in the past few minutes. Good read.

By the way, I do have a lot to say about the Brewer game, I'm just struggling to come to terms with this absurd game. Honestly, has anyone ever seen anything so crazy as the Obermueller wild pitch on an intentional walk that scored a run? Baseball tonight starts in a few minutes and I guaranty, guaranty! that it is part of the opening video montage. Dispicable.

Talk About Living the Dream

1000 Bars

1000 bars in a year...sir, I salute you. If anyone knows of a blog like this in Milwaukee, I would be interested. Not that I'm a drunk or anything, but I am a young man in Milwaukee, bars are sort of my thing.