Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Great Day for Packer Fans

JS Online: Green arrested

Ahman Green arrested after his second "domestic incident." Apparently he is two for two after being involved in an incident with his first wife on their intended wedding night (they got married a few months later) he spent a few hours in jail on Monday night after a 911 hang-up from his residence near Green Bay

Walker to Hold Out

Budding superstar Javon Walker will become yet another of Drew Rosenhaus' clients to hold out. This is getting disgusting. Don't sign him, let him hold out. I hope the Eagles do the same to Owens and the Cardinals do the same to Arizona. Eventually players will understand that signing with Rosenhaus will end their careers, instead of allow them to break contract after contract after one good year.

Al Harris Focus of Inquiry

Additionally WTMJ reported this morning on the radio that CB Al Harris is under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a stripper in a nightclub near Miami.

Great day all around for the Green and Gold...