Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No Problems Left In Wisconsin!

So what are legislators to do? I know, let's tackle those pesky gift card loopholes that allow businesses to close open accounts payable in a reasonable time! Yeah!!!

In another brilliant idea to make sure the people of Wisconsin are never forced to be responsible Rep Peggy Krusick has introduced legislation to make gift cards redeemable until the end of days, and for full value!

Krusick said American consumers spent about $55 billion on gift cards last year, with the average person buying three of them for a total of more than $100. But about 10% of all gift cards are never redeemed, because they are lost or expired, she added...Store policies on gift cards can vary, with some companies charging up to $2 per month if they aren't used within a year, Krusick said. Other businesses require that the gift cards be used within a certain period, she added.

Wow. People who are stupid enough to exchange $50 dollars that can be used anywhere for 50 Best Buy Bucks, and then give this absurdity as a gift thereby displaying their stupidity for all to see aren't happy with the system? Shocking. So now, Best Buy will have to forever carry that $50 on their books as an outstanding debt, even though little Stevie lost the card three seconds after he got it, or just keeps forgetting to use the damn thing.

How about an ad campaing instead outlining how freaking retarded the people are who give gift cards in the first place? Why in God's name would I want store credit you paid for? Just give me the $50 bucks and let me be damn it! I can see gift cards for one group of people...


I get it, you don't want your boy running out and buying heroin so you get him a Barnes and Noble gift card. Fine. Otherwise, stay away from the gift cards for God's sake!