Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I am terribly busy and so I am probably the last to post about this, but it is incredibly important. We all know what Mr. Delay had to say last week about there being "no fat" in the budget. Turns out the blogosphere has mobilized yet again, behind Instapundit and TTLB, to gather a comprehensive and ever expanding list of pork projects listed in searchable fashion here.

This is really fascinating to check out the various projects and how much they actually cost. It seems that so far, all Wisconsin really cares about are bike trails, odd?

Currently, Wisconsin is listed for $37 million in wasteful federal spending.

The site has helpful hints as to how to find pork, how to contact your senators and congressmen, and a list of every representative and their pork busting status; if they have commited to cutting spending or not.

This is the type of thing that bloggers can very successfully accomplish. By firing up enough people, and calling out representatives on individual projects with a loud enough voice, we can more than likely end, if not postpone to brighter days, this frivilous spending.