Friday, September 02, 2005

Randi Rhodes is Completely Insane

Discussing New Orleans and response to Katrina relief efforts

Jim from Wisconsin calls in:

"The Bush administration isn't helping for two reason. Only democratic voters are dying, and the ones that survive are being moved to Texas where they will be told the Republicans saved them and their Democratic governor (Blance) failed them, thus creating a new bloc of GOP voters"

Randi's response?

"Oh my Gaawwwwd, you are soooo right."

Is this nut for real? Yesterday I tried to record the show with my MyFi in order to get some of it on here (she doesn't offer archives as far as I can tell, and I get why) but it didn't work.

In describing President Bush yesterday she alternated through "murderous," "psycho," "murderer," "alcoholic," "psycho," "racist," and "moron."

I have no idea how this woman makes it on during prime drive hours. The last week of her show has been like a cross between Art Bell and Teddy Kennedy.

She is also saying that she has seen rats eating people on TV [I have not heard or read that any place else, although some over at Huffingtons page claimed black people were eating each other to survive] and that America is racist because "she doesn't see a white face involved." Wouldn't that mean that the hurricane is the racist?

Just a warning, if the images and the truth of the horrors are enough to get you depressed, don't tune into AAR, which seems to be hyping as much negativity and human evil as it can in order to make the President look bad. Very, very nice.

UPDATE: In the middle of an oddly misplaced rant about this "incredibly and totally white" administration (do I really need to list the folks that aren't white, we all knwo who they are) and tossing around phrases like "illuminati" and "all seeing eye" (I have no idea where she was going with that) Randi Rhodes dropp the obligatory out of place Nazi refrence:

"They're raising good Germans!"

I can't believe it took a full two hours of listening to Air America Radio before I heard a Republicans are Nazis mention. The funny part is, she keeps bitching how President Bush is making this political (he is "murdering" these people because they are "the wrong type of Americans" and they "have democrats representing them") while she constantly laces her completely illogical, tin-foil-hat rants with GOP-bashing.