Thursday, September 08, 2005

Where Bodies Are Being Counted, Michael Moore Sees Loot to be Made

I wonder if he sits around, eating buckets of chicken, just hoping for the next American death. Any death will do. School shootings? Lets make Bowling for Columbine. Michigan suicides? Lets make Roger and Me. Terrorist attack? Fahrenheit 9/11! Well, it looks like the Master of Deathploitation, the King of Cinema Chaotica, the biggest individual profiteer of American sorrow and pain is gearing up to fatten his wallet off yet another coupld thousand American lives.

Will Michael Moore turn his cameras on Katrina?

The controversial filmmaker is “seriously considering” turning the devastating storm and its aftermath into a documentary, says a source. “It has all the elements that made ‘Fahrenheit 911’ such a powerful film,” says a source. “The political outrage, the human suffering, and the incredible footage.”

As long as there is politics to play, suffering to profit from, and damn compelling footage, Michael Moore will be there to try and make millions.