Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thug Tech Riot

Wow, the Urinal actually posted video of the riot last night that broke out after the Bradley Tech - Bay View overtime basketball game. Clearly, time to stop allowing spectators into the Bradley Tech basketball games. Better yet, charge $35 per ticket, that will quickly solve the problem. These idiots want to beat hell out of each other on their own time in the streets, go nuts, but when these riots break out at high school sporting events, there are families, children, old people and all are put in danger. Go through the video and suspend any kid on the court, any kid swinging, and especially any kid who was arrested or detained. Chances of that happening? Mr. Slim, meet Mr. None.

I like that the Urinal calls it a "disturbance." Anytime DOZENS of cops have to go anywhere, and 4 of these officers are injured, it's no freaking disturbance.

Of course, since most of the people in the video appear to be black, I am sure it's just me being racist for thinking this is outrageous.