Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Those fantastically compassionate liberals strike again (DU takes on Ashley Smith)

This time, they are questioning the story of the woman who pacified Nichols. It seems the DUer theory is that Nichols is the guy who stabbed this womans husband to death years ago, and that this whole thing was a ploy to get the reward money. Sheer brilliance! Here are some classic excerpts from the thread.

However, last night--as I was up late listening to her story for a half
hour--I thought to myself, "This entire story is hogwash."All I have is my
intuition on this one, and I'm feeling as if she was lying and that her entire
story was fabricated. Like you, I saw the fake crying. I saw a fairly decent

Do you think maybe he knew her prior to going to her apt? How did he
choose her apt? Isn't it a big complex?

"most" people who lose their husband to murder, would NOT turn
over their one yr old to an aunt to raise. They "might" move in with an aunt,
baby in tow, to get "back on track", but it strikes me as odd that she's "on her
own".. I foresee problems ahead for that daughter..

And my favorite...

If our hunch is right, there are going to be some angry and embarrassed
people. What if he was the person who stabbed and killed her husband? That case
has not been solved. He was waiting there near her house.

Wow. There are actually multiple threads. Here is the other one, a bit more crass. (fishmarket?)

I do not buy her story. I have nothing but my intuition, on which to go. I
just get the feeling that her entire story is cooked.I don't know WHY I feel
this way. I just do.I didn't believe her. I got a "programmed" feel from her. I
listened to her entire story. It's a long story, so there are going to be
inconsistencies and other quirks. Those didn't bother me. It's her entire