Monday, July 11, 2005

Laurie David is hyperventilating

If we do not sign the Kyoto Treaty we will be udner constant threat of "Non-stop flooding, killer heat waves, energy and food shortages." What's more "millions of people [will be] displaced from coastal cities..."

She goes on to make an extraordinary link.

Munich Re, the worlds largest reinsurer, recently said that the frequency of weather disasters has tripled since the 1960s and insured losses have risen ten-fold. WeÂ’re talking hundreds of billions of dollars -- soon to be trillions of dollars -- and thatÂ’s a bill that gets handed right back to the American people in the form of higher premiums. In other words, weÂ’re already paying the price for global warming.

Without any proof or attempt at forming a logical and provable link, Laurie David says conclusively that every weather disaster since 1960 is caused by global warming.

How did a guy like Larry David get mixed up with a nutter like this?