Thursday, October 06, 2005

I needed that!

Last night was a fantastic night for hockey fans. The stadums were 98% full, scoring was up over 30% (penalties were up 40%) and removing the red line really was a hit.

Here is a fantastic recap of all last night's action. I listened to the Bruins-Haps game for a little while while I was stuck at work and it was great, lawd lawd how I missed it!

An acquaintance of the family notched the first of many (and notched an assist, congrats Zack!)

Great Wisco alum Dany Heatley Q&A (by the way, our boy scored the put away in the first regular season shootout for the Sens!)

I have a treat for you guys tomorrow. I'm gonna post a link to a video that I have gotten a lot of heat over. It is the famous Tyler Hirsch meltdown video. I'll tell more tomorrow, but when I put it up my site meter almost melted and my comment section was loaded with Goofer fans yelling at me to take it down. I'm sorry but with College Hockey just around the corner (FSN 7pm tomorrow night for you unluky enough to not have tickets yet, and there is still a bit of room on the Bucky Badger Bandwagon!) I have to post the video of a kid I know literally losing his mind at the end of a game, especially since he plays for the Maroon and Mustard).

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