Friday, October 07, 2005

Badger Hockey Preview!!

This is my favorite day of the sporting year. I'll be leaving work early to be all looped at a little bar near the Kohl Center with a thousand or so close friends to get ready for the rowdiest most intimate sporting experience you can imagine. Nothing beats a packed arena full of knowledgable fans, knowing exactly what to cheer and when to cheer it, all happening in sync no matter how drunk the fandom might be. With that in mind, here is all you need to know about the upcoming Badger season.

Cap Times Preview

State Journal Preview

USCHO WCHA Preview, WCHA preview

My personal analysis? Well, oddly enough the Badgers are ranked 10th in the national preseason poll behind FIVE WCHA teams. However, in the WCHA coaches poll, the Badgers are picked to finish second. Odd things afoot. The Maroon and Mustard Goofers are solid, with a great young class. CC has incredible offensive potential, Denver the same. The Sioux of ND lost some talent but were able to retain a Milwaukee kid named Drew Stafford (who I owned in my day) which will help. The Badgers didn't add a ton but look out for Jack Skille, the guy can play and rumors have it he and Phil Kessel (the filthy traitorous scum bag) despise each other. Should be fun to watch! I think Bucky contends for the title, but finishes second or third in the WCHA.

As promised, here is a must see video. Honestly if you do one thing today, watch this idiot. This is after a game in Minnesota where he muffed two empty netters and basically played a poor game all around. So the teams clear the ice and Hirsch decides he isn't done. Watch and see a mental breakdown happen before your eyes. Screw the Gophers. (By the way, Tyler is fine and was back on the ice a few weeks later).