Thursday, February 22, 2007

Iraq: Terrorist Training Ground!!!

So says Michelle Pilecki over at Huffington Post. This is just the latest leftist (I have no idea who she is but come on, she posts at HuffPo) to spout this talking point. What I NEVER hear is the opposite; isn't it also a training ground to FIGHT terrorism?

No one honestly believes that had we not gone to Iraq, the terrorists would have just given up (recruitment poster, serious? As long as their is an Israel and radical Imam's teaching violence, no "recruiting posters" are necessary).

With Iraq and Afghanistan, we are training not only our soldiers but our systems how to fight a war against insurgents. The lessons learned from these conflicts will be invaluable in an increasingly decentralized world of violence. In the near-term, it does not look like there will be traditional battles or battlefields, and since our society has been conditioned to not tolerate Total War, the Armed Forces are required to adopt new strategies. These conflicts will be valuable in the future, and wile 3000+ men is a terrible tragedy and a terrible real price to pay, the lessons learned could prove to be infinitely greater.

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