Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Teacher's Nose Attacks Students Fist!!

A Milwaukee teacher attacked a 15 year old student with her face today at Frische Middle School. Or at least, I'm sure that how the folks in the city will spin it.

A 15-year-old girl who was talking on a cell phone in class yesterday
became angry when her teacher told her to hang up and hit the teacher
repeatedly in the face, chipping her tooth, Milwaukee police said.

girl was restrained by male students until police arrived and arrested
her on suspicion of substantial battery, said Anne E. Schwartz,
department spokeswoman.

The girl was on a phone at Fritsche
Middle School, 2969 S. Howell Ave., at 10:30 a.m. - in violation of
school district policy - when the 54-year-old female teacher confronted
her, Schwartz said.

Absolutely stunning. Time to start a SERIOUS crack down. This is a perfect case. Throw the book at this kid. Expelled from school, try her as an adult, throw her in the can for a month.

Oh, but you'll ruin her future!!

Really, the girl flew off the handle because the teacher told her to stop talking on the phone...DURING CLASS!!! Who thinks that is okay? Who is so stunned that this is inappropriate behavior that when they are called on it, they pounce like a freaking animal? What future does this girl have? In what society can she thrive?

(I'm glad the race of the individuals involved hasn't been disclosed yet, I can speak without worry of being un-PC).

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