Friday, May 06, 2005

I Don't Care How Stupid it is...We're Doing It!

Showing an incredible stubborn/arrogant/pompous/condescending/asshattedness the big wig jackasses at Marquette have come out swinging against their detractors.

"We're done," an upbeat John Bergstrom, the chairman of the school's Board of Trustees, said in an opinion echoed by Father Robert A. Wild, the university's president. "This is not an optional program. This is going to be a brand that we're going to build."

Excellent. While you build that brand people are laughing, not just at the University but at me for being associated with the University. I got text messages from friends ranging from Arizona to Providence taunting me. While it was mostly lighthearted kidding, this does serious damage to the value of an association with Marquette. A brand is important, and it seems this whole "Gold" fiasco is all about marketing for the Marquette higher ups. I don't remember them talking about the Golden Eagles as a business decision, which this clearly seems to be.

This is absurd. I will be at the No 2 Gold rally today...will you?