Friday, May 06, 2005

Pimentel: People of Cleveland, you are offensive racists!

As are you, FSU fans, Washington Redskins fans, and especially you "Fighting Sioux" fans of North Dakota, how dare you symbolize Native Americans as heroic warriors fighting for your community's honor in various competitive endeavors. It is insulting to suggest that Indians could properly carry the banner for your athletic team which fills you with such pride. How dare you!

Or so it would seem with this shot across the bow at reason and common sense opening today's "Oh, my goldness" editorial;

Now is - ahem - a golden opportunity to remember and appreciate that Marquette University did not return to the Warriors nickname. Doing so would have boorishly given offense to a race of people and betrayed the principles on which the Catholic institution stands.

I'm curious, how does the gay/lesbian/transvestite/god-knows-what-else student group setting up shop around campus reinforce those Catholic principles? Just curious?

Since when is the Urinal editorial board the least bit concerned with Catholic ideals. What a freaking crock.