Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More: I hate guns but not enough to do anything REAL

JS Online: Council backs bill to let county stiffen gun laws

JS Online: Council backs bill to let county stiffen gun laws

Okay, letm e get this straight: The Mothers Against Gun Violence think this bill will force your average gang banger in Milwaukee to wait for a background check before the guy selling guns out the back of his van will finish the transaction? Do these people have literally zero idea of the real world? Do they have no foundation in reality? I can sort of see how people could scare themselves into not being rational about conceal & carry (they won't use the gun if they don't have a permit...what?!?) but how can anyone honestly believe this bill is somehow worthwhile?

Davis said aldermen who do not represent central-city districts might have a hard time understanding the toll violence has taken in some parts of the city.

"When I have to attend funerals of kids," he said, before switching his approach. "Have you ever been jacked before? Have you ever had a person stick a gun in your face?"

And how will this stop that? I guaranty most of these aldermen were up in arms when Sheriff Clarke wanted to search automobiles for firearms. His gun initiative would have actually accomplished something, this will do literally nothing and just allows these incompetent boobs to say "heck, we tried!"

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