Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bomb Mecca? I Like It

Perhaps Tom Tancredo would be a good Presidential candidate after all!

WASHINGTON: A Republican congressman said in a radio interview aired by a Florida station that if a multiple-city attack happened in the United States in the next 90 days, as predicted by an Israeli expert, and was found to be the work of extremist Muslims, then “we should take out their holy sites.” Congressman Thomas G Tancredo, Republican from Colorado, was being interviewed by AM 540 WFLA radio host Pat Campbell, who asked him what the response of the United States should be were terrorist attacks on US cities to take place and were attributable to extremist Muslims. The Congressman replied, “ ... then we could take out their holy sites.” Asked if that meant Mecca, Tancredo answered, “Yes.”

Could there be a more appropriate response? Maybe not Mecca, perhaps other sites would be more appropriate, but if terrorists want to strike at our way of life why should we not retaliate in kind?