Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rove Still in the Spotlight (A "Rovian Ploy?")

And Kos is giddy about it.

Well, Roberts bought Rove all of what, 24 hours? I hope he got some sleep in, because he's got no reprieve.

I don't quite understand why.

Also, Drudge is reporting leading lefties are handing down marching orders instructing their minions to keep the heat on Rove.

ROLL CALL reports: "In a set of talking points issued Wednesday morning, the Senate Democratic leadership urged rank-and-file Senators to continue spotlighting Rove's involvement in the leaking of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity. 'A Supreme Court nominee will not distract the country from the growing credibility problem at the White House,' Democrats were told to echo."

Most on the right like the nomination of Roberts and will be thrilled to have a 50 year old conservative (pretty on the record on everything except abortion) skate through confirmation as leftists focus on Rove.

This is great news to me. Pound on Rove all you want, tear him to shreds, the President has no more elections to win, only a legacy left to leave. Two or three staunch, young conservatives and a shift of the Court to the right is a pretty good place to start.

Lefties are claiming Bush released his nominee early to take the heat off of Rove, I disagree. It seems to me President Bush nominated Roberts in the midst of a leftists driven firestorm knowing they don't let go of a bone once they gets their jaws on it. This manufactured Rove story paves the way not only for a smooth Roberts nomination, but it sets a tone for future nominations, of which President Bush will surely get at least one, probably two more.

From the looks of it, and from the obvious way this is going to shake out, Rove will be battered a bit, Roberts will skate through, and a precedent will be set. Conservative are okay. Fillibusters are not.

I applaud the administration for using the rabid left to get a good man what looks to be an easy Supreme Court appointment.