Thursday, July 21, 2005

Javon Needs a "Decent Wage"

Thank you, Mr. Rosenhaus, for putting things in perspective. I mean, it's not like Javon is asking for anything unreasonable. How do you expect a man to live on a measley half million a year? Javon has needs too people.

Seriously, if Tom Cruise is making $50 million a movie, surely Javon can get paid a decent, livable wage.

It's all relative, baby. It's OK for Tom Cruise to make $50 million a movie? But a guy who risks his life can't get paid a decent wage? B.S. I'm not standing for it."

No you idiot, your line of reasoning is bullshit, and Wisconsin won't stand for it. Perhaps you thought this time around Green Bay would buckle since new management was in town. Well as long as Thompson stays strong and keeps you and your meal ticket in limbo, I will put up with a thinner receiving corps. I will put up with two years of mediocre football to ensure that this never happens again.

At some point there has to be a massive backlash against people like Rosehaus, but first we need to find us some decent human beings who are willing to play football.