Friday, July 29, 2005


The folks over in Berlin have given me a fantastic idea for the decrepit old Pabst grounds. It is sure to attract tourists (look at Amsterdam)

A German company is looking to cash in on an expected boom in the sex trade during next year's soccer World Cup with a 60-room brothel a walk away from Berlin's Olympic Stadium, German media reported on Friday.

Named after the virgin huntress of Greek mythology, the "Artemis" complex is due to open for business in September with whirlpool, sauna, cinema, buffet restaurant and a staff of 100 prostitutes, mass circulation daily Bild reported.

"This is no flash rip-off joint where clients are taken for a ride," a spokesman for the Artemis GmbH investment company behind the project, told the newspaper.

Prostitution is legal in Germany in designated areas. Dortmund, one of 11 other cities to host World Cup matches, has said it will install drive-in wooden "sex garages" in time for the tournament in a bid to keep the trade off the streets.

Honestly, it is perfect. Build the area into a place to specifically employ women. The only way you can oppose this plan is if you are a sexist and don't want women to work. You don't want a brothel over at Pabst? Male-chaveunist pig!