Monday, July 25, 2005

What DU Thinks of You

Right now the brilliant minds over at DU are conduction a poll on their opinion of the Average American's intellect. Thus far the results are quite telling.

"Poll question: On A Scale Of One To Ten: How Smart Do You Think The Average American Is?"

So far, 76% of people who hve answered said they think American's are at a four or below on their 1-10 scale. So basically, they feel America is a bunch of idiots. 63% of respondents said the average American is a 3 or below.

What great respect for their common man. This is the attitude of the leftist, they are better than you and you should listen to them. High taxes are necessary because they can spend your money better than you can. Nannystate tactics like banning smoking, fast food, and Oreos are necessary, because you idiots can't handle making choices on your own.

The only choice you are smart enough to make is if you want to kill your unborn kid, and that is only if you are the mother. The guy is always too stupid to have any input.

Perhaps this is good news. These brilliant minds underestimate their competition, thus allowing the right to run away with most national elections.

I'll take being with the "dumb majority" if that means my team keeps on a-winnin'.