Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Senator Manslaughter thinks bloggers have a leg up

Teddy Kenndy thinks the White House is feeding info to rightleaning bloggers. It seems his wife is an astute surfer of the blogosphere (think she enjoyed all the Kennedy killed a hooker talk last wek?)

Senate Democrats and Judiciary Committee minority staffers are miffed that conservative bloggers appear to have more information about Bush Supreme Court nominee John Roberts than they do. "They've got material out there that we don't know about," complained Sen. Edward Kennedy, who's leading an effort to force the White House to turn over any documents it has on Roberts.

Other Democrats said that they believe the White House is providing supportive bloggers with information that paints Roberts only in a positive light. Kennedy, speaking to reporters last Friday, said that he was unaware of the prolific GOP blogging on behalf of Roberts until his wife pointed it out. Kennedy has said that while he doesn't want to mount a fishing expedition into Roberts's past, he will demand paperwork on most of the cases he has handled as a judge and lawyer.

Have another highball Senator, we barely recognize you when you aren't in a red-faced, forthing rage at a Bush nominee to something or other.