Friday, March 04, 2005

Kessel choses the maroon & mustard

As you may have guessed from the baby giving Phil the finger, he has turned his back on all of us loyal Bucky fans. Call him what you want, defend his decision, he is now a Gopher. No better than any other gopher, indeed worse because he is a product of our fair state. He is our Frankenstein.

I have heard a lot over the past few weeks about how we should supports him no matter what his decision, and that he will always be a Wisconsonite, and has the potential to be the greatest to ever come out of the state.

Screw that.

He is a Gopher now, and he deserves as much ire and bile as we reserve for every other gopher.

I have no doubt in my mind that the first game he plays in Madison he will be roundly and soundly booed, as any traitor should be.

Save yourself the agony Mr. Kessel, play OHL. We wouldn't want you to go into a Kohl Center corner and not come out...