Wednesday, April 06, 2005

First Full Day

I'm struggling a bit to get back into the swing of things so bear with me.

It seems that the fine citizens of Milwaukee will never stop paying for the wide and twisted legacy of Jeffrey Dahmer. As everyone remembers Dahmer killed 14 men in Milwaukee in 1991, and it is believed 5 of those victims were killed after 2 MPD officers encountered Dahmer with one of his victims but let him go. Well, that situation led to then Police Chief Philip Arreola to fire the officers, who were then reinstated. This whole ordeal led to strained relationships all around City Hall and Arreola left (for Washington's greener pastures) in 1996....

Which brings us to Art Jones. The most miserable excuse for a Police Chief the city has seen. The guy not only constantly prodded and fought with his force, he was a petty and vindictive man who made silly uniform changes (leather jacket incident anyone?) just to stick it to officers who didn't agree with him.

Well, now Jones has screwed us again! Who do you think will be paying for that 2.2 million dollars? Mr. Jones? Any of the commissioners? No, we will be stuck with the bill because Mr. Jones is either afraid of or hates white people. Fantastic! How does a knob like this get that job...political correctness. (Sorry Eugene, but it was true in this case).

Thanks a lot Dahmer, now not only is serial murder and cannibalism tops on the list when people think of Milwaukee, you've indirectly cost us millions in a reverse-discrimination suit.