Thursday, April 07, 2005

A question posed to the Urinal


In an editorial today the Urinal writers, in all their emminent wisdom, decided that they would be dissatisfied with 38 of 41 Milwaukee Police Captains being white men. Not underqualified white men, just white men. I am puzzled.

Keep in mind that 21 of the 41 people appointed to captain by Jones were white
men. By the jury's logic, the 17 who sued should have been promoted. That means
that 38 of the 41 appointees would have been white men. That's a result that
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he would find unsatisfactory. So would we.

Personally I want the absolute best people we can find. If that means we have 41 hispanic female ninjas as captians, 41 Hightowers or 41 midgets with the reflexes of a cat and the speed of a mongoose then so be it. As long as we have the best people in every position of law enforcement that we can possibly find then why would the Urinal have a problem?

This argument makes absolutely no sense. Say that we have 41 black Captains and Chief Haggerty wanted to "diversify" the force. However, the only people that apply for the promotion to captain are white male hacks who routinely skirt the law and have a terrible record? In the interest of diversity, would the Journal really want those men promoted to Captain?

Seems to me that in the interest of tax payers we should be looking for the absolute best and most qualified candidates to promote up the ranks of the MPD, and not just people who fit the color/gender preferred by the Urinal editorial board.