Thursday, April 07, 2005

More Churchill!

I'm not black, but if I claim to be on an application and you question it, then you sir are a NAZI! This according to Ward Churchill's lawyer. Now I have seen enough movies/shows to know that you want your lawyer to be the voice of reason, the guy who settles the situation, not enflames it. This is a theory Churchil obviously doesn't agree with. In public discussions he prefers the slash and burn tactic, and it seems he likes that in a law-dog too.

A University of Colorado faculty committee is investigating whether professor
Ward Churchill should be fired over allegations he plagiarized others' work, and
that he falsely claimed to be an American Indian to give his work more
"Do you wish to employ the Nazi standard for racial purity? Do
you wish to employ the standard adopted by the United States government for
determining Japanese ancestry in order to qualify for internment?" attorney
David Lane asked in a letter dated Monday to acting chancellor Philip DiStefano.

I think I speak for everyone when I say "Go away you freaking scumbag!"