Thursday, May 26, 2005

Great line!

A few days after designating "I feel so small right now" Danny Graves the Reds are tearing up baseball, winning three in a row. I believe they call that a winning streak. It seems getting rid of the volatile Graves had nothing to do with it however, as Adam Dunn expalined.

The massage chairs that belonged to outfielders Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn were gone from the Reds' clubhouse, as well as a desk that Jason LaRue had set up, according to the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER.

"Surprise," Dunn said. "The chair is gone. Now, we're going to start winning."

Dunn said the chair didn't deserve what it got.

"It came to play," he said. "It never (griped) or complained."

Seems like it's all fun and games, but he ends with a bit of a shot:

Dunn wasn't happy with the decision, but he kept things light.

"We won last night," he said. "Imagine if we lost, he might have taken my glove."

Dunn bought the chair for about $1,000 last year. He had a tip bucket next to it to finance his investment. The tip bucket was still there.

"I'm surprised he didn't take the money," Dunn said.

Nicely done Adam, way to throw Miley uner the bus. At least Miley will be going out doing things his way.

I am still looking for the absurd Jeff Gordon "Wrigley Stadium" seventh inning stretch recording. MLB in the morning on XM175 has been playing it a ton but I can't find it online. Honestly, it is horrifying.

I'm also trying to get a clip of Mr. Baseball neighing yesterday after El Cabayo (Carlos Lee) home run. It was classic stuff.

Speaking of the Crew, they are back to .500. It's heartening considering the killer loss they took on Sunday to come back and sweep. They have Houston at home and should take at least two, we'll see.

End of May record WILL be: 26-25. Nothing impressive but anything over .500 is a bonus.

Kellen Winsolw...moron.