Friday, May 27, 2005

What the Bucks Should Do

I am trying to get in the shower so that I can start primpin to go out, but with the Brewers holding onto a tenuous lead I am totally unable to leave the living room, much less stop watching the game. While I could listen to it on the radio in the shower, a 1-0 lead is far too much to risk. Hence, I am surfing the laptop.

I was shocked that the Bucks got the first pick, but when I looked at the draft I figured this is about right. Get the top pick in a lame draft...fantastic. My Bucks strike is still official (the UConn shorts I am currently sporting show my loyalties are with Ray) but I still would like to see the team do one or two things right.

Here is the scoop, the Bucks are a ways away from a solid team. They may squeak into the playoffs, but won't threaten. Bogut does not put them over the top, and he is about a 15-20 point, 8-10 rebounds per game guy. Solid, solid production. Marvin Williams could be special. A Garnett type player, a superstar. The Bucks could have a face. Therefore, since the Hawks probably want Bogut anyway, make a real serious show of desire for Bogut and see if you can't get Atlanta to bite, make a trade, and get a little extra to move down a spot and take Marvin Williams.

Boom, you get incentive to take the bigger upside player, the more exciting player, the bigger bang type player. If they can't get anything, still take the guy. The Bucks don't need solid, they need spectacular.