Monday, May 23, 2005

The Moeller Line

Forget the Mendoza Line (.200), Chad Moeller is steadily asserting a new line, the below .100 line. Not only is he the worst hitting player on the Crew (.098 batting average, .157 slugging, and .148 On-base) but TWO pitchers are hitting better than Ms. Moeller (Capuano has a .111 batting average and Obermueller is hitting .222) and a third, Gary Glover (.083) is steadily climbing above the Moeller line.

He can't bunt, can't field (his passed ball on Friday cost the Brewers the game) and can't throw runners out. For a fun little exercise, go here and check out his hitting chart. At Miller Park, Moeller has only gotten the ball out of the infiled 5 times. Are you kidding!?! To top it off, in 17 games playd, Ms. Moeller has 18 strike outs!

Not since Billy Schroeder has a Wisconsin athlete more deserved the nickname "Skirt."