Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Leftist Forum on "Media Bias"

I am listening right now to Air America radio (currently being sued, for shame...) and they are broadcasting the leftist forum on media bias. Specfically I guess uber-dems like John Conyers are going to grips about Iraq war coverage and the Downing Street Memo coverage.

They have gathered such emminent and unbiased media dignitaries as Al Franken, Wonkette, abd Eric Alterman.

Congressfolks involved include extreme libs like Sheila Jackson-Lee, Jerry Nadler and Socialist Bernie Sanders.

I am looking forward to some fun and funny stuff. You can listen live at air america radio online. Google it then clean up your computer.

UPDATE: Franken opened up the deal, and whined about right wing radio, managed to plug his book and his radio show, and cracked a joke or two. Shockingly, he didn't mention Bill OReilly once.

Update: I guess the guy from AmericaBlog hates sports. I don't know why that matters, but it's the only interesting thing that has been said in the past few minutes. Oh and Eric Alterman isn't sure but he thinks the 2004 election was stolen. Oooh, AmericaBlog guy has written for The Economist and "isn't just a blogger." Way to go chief!