Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's not possible to really be this dumb, it it?

Kathryn Ireland (not the hot model, some designer, Hollywood type moron) thinks there should be a military draft. However, not the random, pick a number any number lottery style draft with loopholes and exemptions. Nope, she wants all Republican kids drafted. She doesn't say if she wants kids who are Republican drafted, or if she wants kids of Republicans drafted, but she knows she hates Republuicans so much, she wants them out of the country, in a war, and presumably dead.

Can anyone tell me, are they going to bring back the draft? I have three sons -- all nearly teenagers -- and am terrified that they will. Why don't they make it that just Republican kids get called up?

I think maybe this isn't such a bad idea. While we're at it, only liberals and their children have to pay taxes for social programs. Only liberals have to dump money into social security, and so on. See, if the leftists get freedom from Republican military sacrifices, then Republicans should get to live off the work of these leftists.

I think a 75-80% total tax on Kathryn's (and the rest of the fabulously rich over at Huffington's blog)income should do just nicely.