Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Presidential Protest with Class

Those classy hippies and socialists are at it again, this time in preparation for the President's speech tomorrow.

George Bush
in Milwaukee
this Thursday, May 19
Milwaukee Art Museum promoting his
Social Security plan
at a luncheon.

That part is fine. I can respect a good protest. I stopped by the No-To-Gold rally where we had discussion and debate. It seems however that discussion and debate are not what these nutters have in mind.

gather at 12 noon at O'Donnell Park at the far east end of Wisconsin Ave. We will then march with coffins and banners to join the rally at Michigan and Lincoln Memorial Drive.

We will need about 12 volunteers to help us carry coffins

Wow. Coffins, really? Shockingly they don't come right out and say "make you Bush is a Nazi signs" but I can almost guaranty at least one. I'm going to try and head over there during lunch to see if I can't get a few pictures of the moonbats.