Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rove Behind Newsweek-induced Killings!

Wow, I love this Huffington Post place. I have found out that Jim Lampley is an extremely unbalanced childish and radical liberal and I have learned that despite Andy Richter's brief reign, it is Karl Rove who Rules the Universe!

Norman Mailer feels that Newsweek was set up, just like Dan Rather was.

Who, indeed, was Isikoff's supposedly reliable Pentagon source? One's counter-espionage hackles rise. If you want to discredit a Dan Rather or a Newsweek crew, just feed them false information from a hitherto reliable source.

Not only that, he feels US "agents" could have SET UP THE RIOTS!

As for the riots at the other end, on this occasion, they, too, could have been orchestrated. We do have agents in Pakistan, after all, not to mention Afghanistan.

Richard Bradley agrees, rather heistantly, and throws out the name of Cobra Commander, er...Karl Rove.

The way this Newsweek fiasco has played out is a little too neat, and the White House has jumped on it almost as if they knew it was coming...Would Karl Rove or someone at the Pentagon really plant such a volatile item just to discredit the MSM?

Classy folks Huffington is bringing aboard, classy indeed.