Friday, May 20, 2005

Lampley Personally Knows "Big Time" Juicers

Jim Lampley has yet another interesting post on Huffington's "celebirty" blog. Being the headlining celebrity (he does HBO Boxing and stuff) he must feel it necessary to talk big. As such, he sort of puts his foot in his mouth.

Steroids and their imitators have been readily available to top athletes in every major sport for up to thirty years, and they are distributed through a massive pipeline that involves athletes, trainers, doctors, other medical personnel, agents, coaches, bodyguards, sycophants and hangers-on of all descriptions. The number of big-time athletes who have used them regularly is much larger than the public would ever want to know. The number who have used them situationally, just to recover from injury, dramatically expands the pool.

so uh, Jimmy, I think it's time you spill the beans. The first step to ending this abusrdity is to crack down. So lets hear it. The who what when where and why's of the steroid "pipeline" as you call it. You cliam trainers, doctors other medical personnel, agents, COACHES...who are they? You must know. I can't imagine you would just be spouting off to sound important, come on, you do boxing commentary, you're a big shot!

I especially want to know the "big-time athletes" who you know are doping, and who have doped situationally as you call it.

This should be jaw-dropping, headlining, subpoena generating news.