Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bill Fillmath...Poker Genius

Bill Fillmaff's Secret System - You're Playing Poker. He's Playing Poker Right.

In honor of the start of the WSOP 2005 (casino employee tourney was/is today) I am posting a hillarious poker spoof video. It seems like these days if you're surfing the net you're also playing poker, and I talk to plenty a blogger who plays online poker as well so I figured I might as well share this with those who haven't yet seen it. Fantastic fantastic stuff.

While it pains me to say it, the uber-lefties over at Gawker Media have basically taken over much of my day. Lifehacker, Gizmodo, and Kataku are fantastic. Add the new, the gamblers blog, and I am spending a lot of net time on Gawker sites. (Any Fleshbot jokes and you are banned!) It looks like Oddjack will have a pretty good running commentary and poker blog roundup during the WSOP so if you're interested you sould probably check there throughout the week.