Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Peter Gammons - Something Brewing

If you missed this over the weekend, Peter Gammons jumps on the Brewcrew band wagon. (He really amps up the rotation and the farm system). I liked this nugget:

However, the feeling within the organization is that Fielder (.248) may need another year of Triple-A, which blocks any attempt Boston, Houston or anyone else might have of getting Lyle Overbay. "I don't believe in most cases you can get as much for a positional player during the season as you can in the offseason," says Melvin. "That's why we did the Sexson deal the way we did. Now, with pitching, especially frontline pitching, it's different. Sometimes there are so many contending clubs looking for pitching that they can make an advantageous deal."

07-08 the Brewers win the division. Mark it down. Next year they win 90 games...better write that in pencil.