Thursday, June 02, 2005

Travis Diener, top THREE PG in Draft

I was listening to Homer, still am actually, and he had a gentelman on from a website called which rates draft picks and potential pros. Based on the conversation it sounded like Tendex has a pretty good track record. Anyway, they have Travis Diener as a first round draft pick, and better than such names as Rashad McCants , Hasaan Adams, Ray Felton, Channing Frye, Ryan Gomes, Luther Head, and of course Mike Wilkinson.

This leaves us with an interesting dilemma. Should the Bucks take Diener at 36? It would be a PR coup (local boy makes HUGE) and would make for the interesting situation of the Bucks taking two white guys. That combo makes the draft much more intriguing to me.

I will say that this gentlemen and his system, Tendex, has convinced me that Bogut is the way to go. I have changed my mind, Bogut is the way to go. This system has been right far too often for me to ignore.

#1 - Bogut
#36 - Julius Hoge (if available this guy is a gamer, single handedly beat my UConn Huskies this year) or of course Travis "Spike" Diener.

That would be a nice draft cause face it, TJ Ford is a cripple.