Thursday, June 02, 2005

What a Petty Ass

I can't honestly believe that Doyle vetoed the Reagan renaming bill. I was dumbfounded when I heard that last night, and thought for sure the reporter got it wrong and just assumed Doyle vetoed any bill that came across his desk. I figured surely there was no political gain to vetoing such a bill.

Turns out I was wrong and Doyle really is that big a prick. I am incredibly angry right now basically because there is zero reason to do this. The highway is the Reagan Highway in Illinois and this would just rename the part that comes into Wisconsin to match. The reasoning given was that Reagan didn't have enough connection to Wisconsin. Hmmm, set aside that Wisconsin is part of the United States (well, maybe Madison isn't) and Reagan was the PRESIDENT for eight years. The past day I have driven on Ceasar E Chavez drive, Martin Luther King Drive. I can't even imagine all the Chairman Mao Circles and Lenin Lanes that must abound in Madison. Does this mean that Dolye would back a McCarthy Mile before a Kennedy Ave? If, heaven forbid, Doyle were still in office when Mr. Clinton passes, will he veto any bill renaming anything for him? Will that leftist rag the Urinal Sentinel put a lid on the "Governor Walker vetoes Clinton renaming bill" story?

This is angering in that it was done out of pure spite and arrogance.