Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Badger Hockey Update

Nice article with a few Bruckler quotes.

"I was on there and I was grinding my teeth and I was still thinking about it a
little bit," Bruckler said. "But more, already thinking about the next thing. It
takes me a couple days after a loss or just a bad performance where I'm not
playing that great. I have huge pride in that, and I just want to come out there
and do the best I can for my team. The bottom line is to win games, and the last
three games we didn't do that."

Another huge weekend for the Badgers, and I will be at Friday nights game for sure, and possibly get myself into the Saturday game as well. I will also be in the Belly of the Beast (Madison) Friday afternoon watching some prep games, checking out some Badger prospects and a Gopher prospect who just happens to be dating my little sister. Perhaps he'll make it home...

We'll know Dagenhart's status this afternoon or tomorrow morning (shoulder).

** The Badgers' magic number to clinch at least third place in the final standings is five points.