Thursday, February 17, 2005

My first tech-geek post

X-Box 360 revealed. My only question is will I be able to hack it so I can upload games for free...not that I do that. The question is purely for research purposes.


Our inside source says that the console is a sleek silver device worthy of
countertop display, and features an inhaled design that turns the harsh angles
of the original Xbox into sweeps and curves. The device will also be able to
stand upright or on it’s side, much like the Playstation 2. The side of the 360°
is dominated by an oversized, back-lit power button called the ring of light,
and the rest of the case can be customized with colorful designer face plates
that pop on and off. The 360°s dashboard will also be customizable, making each
console a thing totally unique to its owner.
Some of the inner workings of
the 360° have also been confirmed. The device will feature high definition audio
and video and wireless controllers, and will come in two flavors—one with a hard
drive and one without. The biggest shock is that while Microsoft wants to make
their 360° backwards compatible, they haven’t yet been able to pull it off.