Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jose Canseco

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this (seriously, I think this is all Dan Patrick is ever going to talk about on his radio show until April) and have formed a few conclusions.

First, there is no way any other whistle blower is treated this harshly by the media. It is disgraceful that for some reason they are questioning Jose Canseco's credibility. It is especially appalling that 60 Minutes ran a piece essentially questioning Canseco's credibility. You would think they would possibly question Bill Burkett's credibility in an issue with far-reaching election implications as harshly as they cirticized Canseco? CBS news continues to be a joke. I don't remember them questioning that idiot weapons inspector Ritter's credibility (even though he was an obvious partisan hack, proven over and over) when he was trying to blow a whistle on the Bush administration.

Second, the real reason Canseco wrote the book is not because he needed money. He simply wanted to change his legacy. He did not want people to remember his for that Carlos Martinez ball bouncing off his head for a home run. (I apologize for my inability to find a picture of that fantastic moment in MLB history).